Saturday, June 03, 2006

Wow, almost a whole week has gone by without a post. I guess I forgot to mention the fact that school let out for the Summer this week, so as you can imagine, I've had considerably less "me" time lately. Em is with Bub right now, so I'm grasping the opportunity to catch up while I can. Hmmmm, where shall I even begin? It's weird, it's like I don't even know what to focus on anymore. My high drama is over now (well, for the most part anyway!) and I'm finding it difficult to get back to writing about every day life, much as I was looking forward to doing just that. Okay, let's see if I can wiggle my way back into some sort of normalcy here.

I've discovered that finding a way to earn some extra income has become a must, as it appears that I've underestimated my cost of living a bit, so I've decided to go ahead with a little business idea of mine that I've been mulling over for some years now. I think I'll wait to reveal the details until a later date though, for several reasons. It's definitely not something that'll make me rich or even replace my current income, by any means, but I do hope it can help soften the rigidity of my meager budget and give me a little more room to breath. Jilly, you'll remember this idea from our fabulous time spent in Chicago, and of course Sandi knows too, as I've already had to request her expertise as a puter guru to help me get an issue I was having with my newly created logo ironed out (thank you again Sandi, you're a lifesaver!). Anyway, I'm sure I'll go into great detail at a later date, but for now I'm still just trying to get my shit together.

So, Em started gymnastics this week, and she absolutely loves it! Finally someone to teach her the correct technique for performing a cartwheel. How the hell do you teach that? I dunno how to freakin' teach her how to do a cartwheel, you just do it, that's all! But now she knows, so whew! And she's also starting summer art classes at the library on Monday. It's a free program, supplies included, so when I saw a sign promoting it, I signed her up right away, as I knew she would totally be into it. I can't believe they're doing it for free either! You just can't beat that, y'know? I'm trying to come up with plenty of (cheap) activities to occupy her time this summer so we don't end up clawing each other's eyes out by the middle of the break. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!

Well, my little girl has decided that it is now time for several big girl changes in her life. First and foremost, she requested a bra. A BRA! For what exactly, I ask? I dunno, cause there certainly ain't nuttin that needs supporting right now, but she wanted one just the same. Okay, okay, she's at that age (sniff) where these things are becoming important to her, (sniff, sniff) but that doesn't change the fact that she's still my baaaaaaaaaaby, whaaaaa! But I did my duty and took her to WalMart where she picked out her very first bra. Plain white, not even a little flower in the middle cause she's so self conscious of it showing through, oy vey! Heh, guess I shoulda warned her about just how uncomfortable breaking in a new bra can be, huh? By the end of that first day, she couldn't get it off fast enough! Poor baby, she has no idea what she's in for!

She also asked to get her ears pierced. Now this really is a big deal because this child has absolutely no tolerance for pain, and had previously sworn off ever having holes shot through her ears, along with belly button piercings, tattoos and most importantly, child birth (she's said she'll just adopt if she decides that she really wants kids!). So it really surprised me when she changed her mind on this one. Hey, do ya think maybe there's hope for natural born grandkids yet?! We'll see... ;D Anyway, we haven't gotten her ears pierced yet, but it is on the agenda for this summer. I thought I'd give her a little time in case she decides to chicken out on me!

Let's see, what else is there? I've been nursing one of those pain in the ass headaches that lasts for DAYS, so my exercise has been a bit lacking and my mood rather snappy, gee, wonder how much fun I am to be around, huh? But I'm trying not to let it bring me down and ruin both my and Em's days. In fact, tonight I plan to take her here for an evening of good cheap fun. They just set up a movie screen right in the middle of downtown and everyone brings their own lawn chairs and stuff to watch it. I've been wanting to go ever since I first heard of it, but it's the first time we've actually gone since I never would have suggested something like this with Bub around. OMG, he just had this way of sucking the fun and energy out of everything we did together! It's so nice to just be able to go and do what ever we want now, without worry of either of us messing up somehow. Sometimes I can't help but think of all the things that we purposefully missed out on for fear of having to do them with Bub around, ugh, it just kills me! But no more, now we get to thoroughly enjoy our relaxed, tension free outings, and just bask in the joy of finally being free!! Wow, no matter what other crap is going on, that feeling of freedom alone is worth every bit of uncertainty or hardship. One way or another, I will make this work, because my independence is simply no longer negotiable, and never will be again, ever.

I do have some other majorly exciting news/plans in the works, but I think I need to hold off on sharing that one as well, just to be sure that I can make it all work out and that it's okay for it to be announced. So you'll just have to sit tight for that one chickies, but I promise to spill the beans soon enough. Sorry to be so secretive, but as you all know by now, that's just me. Take it or leave it, annoying tendencies and all! ;D

Okay, I think that's it for now. There really is more, but I honestly HAVE to get some exercise done. Since it'll be time to pick Em up soon, and there's really never any telling what state of mind she'll be in after so much concentrated time with daddy, I've learned (from experience) that I need to get these priorities met whenever the opportunity happens to arise, so that's precisely what I'm gonna do. So, TTFN, and hopefully much more to come!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's fantastic to hear how together you're sounding.

Good luck with the business plans.


5:09 PM  
Blogger ScrapHappy said...

Hi Beverly. I just recently found your blog and I've been sitting here reading for quite a while. Your story is so interesting. Congratulations on all of the milestones you've reached and exceeded. You really are inspiring. I will be a regular!

1:51 PM  
Blogger chryscat said...

You tease! You're killing me! *laughing*
Okay. Glad to hear all is well. Glad that Em is out and about and having fun.
Me and the girl chickens (sans baby) plan on getting our upper ear pierced. Ought to be all kinds of fun.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Jilly said...

Yes, you ARE a tease...but since you insist we accept you notwithstanding that quality, I'm sure we all will! At least I'm in the know about the first one and at the risk of creating even more frustration from the others will say that its a brilliant idea that will certainly always have a market. Two other great things are the very low startup costs and the fact that its an outlet for your wonderful creativity! Good for you.

As for the other exciting/major news in the works, I'll just have to grit my teeth and wait (you're joining the NASA space program, right? You've looked into a book deal?? All our letters to Oprah have paid off and you might be on the show???) Okay, I'll be patient ;)

We've been having horribly humid weather here and I've been suffering along with you, my sister in pain. Hope the head has eased now.

Have to smile about Em wanting to cover her little buds and then throwing off that bra asap! Looks like she'll certainly have enough to keep her busy between art classes, gymnastics, outdoor movies and just playing with friends; I'm sure you'll both breeze through summer vacation!!

12:16 AM  
Blogger Dawnyal said...

First off, I'm so sorry to hear you have had one of those headaches. Yuck.
But it sounds like things are starting to get to normal (your new non-stressed normal.) It looks like you've got some great summer plans for Em. (I just built an ad for the summer arts here and they charge $60 per class and that's gone down from years past. EEK!!!)

Bra shopping already. Wow. Of course I was a bit younger than Em when I really needed my first one. At least she's not wanting all the frillies right now. As for the earrings, most times they can do both ears at a time and I know that Lilly didn't even cringe.

9:46 AM  

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