Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Aw man, I feel like crap! What's up with that? I guess it's a cold, but with the way I'm feeling it's like the beginning of the flu, nice! I'm totally blaming Em and her school full of rampant seething mutant germs, ack! She's not feeling so hot either, but she's not old like me, she bounces back more easily, no fair! >:( And if that weren't bad enough, I also have a freakin' toothache! Oh the agony, I'm miserable! Ahhh, if only I had insurance... Jilly, get ready babe, I'm movin' up north!!

Well, it's official, Em has started to want to have sleep overs. My baby is growing up (wipes tear from eye). When did this happen? How come no one consulted me first? Everyone knows my total distaste for change of any sort, so you would think that "kid growing up" might just be at the top of a short list of things to warn me about here, wouldn't you? Okay sure, whatever, I knew it was coming. I knew she might actually enjoy having a life of her own that doesn't necessarily include me every waking second of the day, but I was perfectly willing to remain in total denial for as long as time would allow. Well, I guess times up. Ug, blow to the gut. It's so funny too because there are times when she can act so darn mature for her age, and then there are others where it's like she just has a total meltdown and reverts back to being a four year old. And it can be at the drop of a hat too, I'm tellin ya, this girl is the epitome of a Drama Queen! I even played into it for a while, trying to help her through her meltdowns, now I'm just like okay, that's it, cut the drama, we can discuss this like rational human beings when you're done! It's seeming to work so far, I don't get nearly as stressed and she gives it up a whole lot quicker. I've started telling her, don't sweat the small stuff, which I think is completely ridiculous to have to say to an eight year old, but I swear, this child has to have everything just so, or she looses her freakin' mind! She such a perfectionist and so hard on herself, she just can't let things be unless they're exactly as she thinks they should be. Which is extremely difficult in the making and more importantly, keeping friends department. It's hard on her, and she knows she's doing it, but it's like she just can't help it, like she's driven to do everything just right, and to make sure everyone around her does the same. I know it's due largely to the oftentimes unrealistic expectations Bub has of her. That plus both my and her high-strung personalities, the poor girl doesn't stand a chance! Jeez, was it really this hard to be a kid?

Did I mention that my fucking tooth hurts?!!!

Bub stayed home from work today because he's a big ass, whinny baby who thinks that a sore throat and stuffed up nose are just cause to lose a whole day's pay over. I'm like, suck it up dude, (which, of course, I didn't say to him 'cause we all know how well that would go over!) but he stayed his butt in bed this morning just the same. Okay fine, whatever, stay home, but tomorrow you'd better pop you some Dayquil and take your sorry ass to work buddy!! What? Do I sound annoyed? Surely not! When I can work and take care of Em, and cook, and clean, and wash your clothes, run the errands, wrangle a kitty, and put up with you! All while staying on plan, exercising every day, and living with the toothache from hell! Naaaaaaaw, I'm fine, no resentment here. ;) No really, isn't that the plight of every mom though? We're used to it, we just keep on trukin' don't we? Man, most guys have no idea just how good they have it do they?!! Bastards! ;D


Anonymous Jilly said...

Awwwwww, poor Bevy :( Wish I could transport you up here for a visit to my dentist (better you than me) and doctor, then take you out for a nice cup of coffee at Timmys and a looooooong chat. First I'll send a couple of winter pics to remind you of your aversion to cold, though :P

As for Bub, well I think most men are such babies when it comes to being sick ~ good lord, you'd think it was the avian flu the way they carry on over a tickle in the throat and a bout of the sniffles. Trust him not to break the mold. ;)

So Emmy's growing up and away (a teeny bit) from mum. I feel your pain. There were a few times when I couldn't wait for my daughter to grow up, but now she's your age I often long for those days gone by. Yes, I have it all over again with G's girls and who knows I might have it again with a grandchild, but I still miss it with HER. :)

P.S. - Love the expressions on Emmy's face in the Christmas pics. I see a very satisfied young lady!

12:10 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

I are pansies when it comes to illness. Alan and I have both been sick this week, and you would have thought he was dying! LOL Using Zicam to hopefully cut down the duration of this cold!

9:31 AM  
Blogger chryscat said...

We are overworked and underpaid. Paid? Hmmm... that really IS the wrong terminology.
I have a toothache, too. For about a month and a half. Bottom, left side, last tooth. I'm ready to pull the SOB out myself.
And men? Yep. Weinies. Just weinies.
We bring home the bacon, fry it, clean the dishes, feed the house, and STILL have sixty other things to do.
Hope it gets better!

2:24 PM  

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