Monday, February 05, 2007

Okay, okay, I'm back, finally! Things have been a bit hectic, you know how it is, life happens. Anyhoo, here's my answers to the quiz ya'll took.

Fav movie? American Beauty
My middle name? Anne
My job? Tech support/telemarketing
My life’s ambition? Nuttin’ independently wealthy ;D
Body part? Finger
Singer? Alanis Morrisette
Rather do? Grey’s & yogurt
Mischief’s original name? Precious
Dream vacation? Alaskan Cruise
Times I’ve moved? Who the hell knows!

Let me know if you want the link to check out how you did. It displays last names if you used them so I won't post it here. I am happy to report that no one answered Bob for my middle name, nor did anyone guess phone sex operator for either work related question. I was surprised by how many people got the question about moving right, honestly, who the hell really does know? A lot, that says enough. Why American Beauty? I dunno, it moved me deeply and I've loved it ever since. But the others listed, along with so many more, come in so close as well. Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes, Dirty Dancing, the list goes on and on. Yes, my brother almost cut my finger off when I was a toddler. It was an accident of course, but he still argues the circumstances of the event to this day (putting the blame mostly on me!). Mischief was Precious until we took her in to get spayed and discovered that he needed to be neutered. The rest? Well, personal preference. Whatever floats yer boat right? ;D

Em and I went to Chocoholics Dream Night Out last Friday. If you'll recall, we attended this Humane Society fundraiser around the same time last year and had an ooey-gooey yummy time! This time they were a little more organized and it turned out to be a huge success by the looks of the place. They also added a few extras like a kid's room complete with their own mini chocolate fountain and kid friendly activities. In addition to that, they held a silent auction and had a pet adoption area, aaaaaaand a "guess how many M&M's and win them all" game. Guess who won the whole damn lot??????????

Yep, me. 4,840 peanut, regular, and dark chocolate M&M's. Like that's what I needed around here. Oy vey! So I gave them to Bub and his roommates (yes, minus... a few? But honestly, what did'ja expect??!!)

The kitty is doing fabulously well. His incision has healed without even a hint of infection, and he's finally putting some weight back on his skinny little bones. I'll be taking him to get his stitches out this week, and barring any further run-ins with holiday adornment, I think the mischievous little rascal should end up being all right. I hope so anyway, I can't say how many lives this cat may have left!


Anonymous Dawnyal said...

Didn't you win those last year too? It sounds like you still did well with the chocolate affair. Yumm. I know I answered your questions but my score never showed up.

1:45 PM  

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