Monday, December 18, 2006

No tree yet. We started working on it, but Em spent the weekend with Bub so we haven’t made as much progress as I was hoping we would by now. But have no fear, pics are forthcoming, I promise. Teehee, speaking of Em spending the weekend with Bub. She went over there on Saturday and immediately asked to have her friend from down the street come over to play, which he consented to. Then they finagled him into letting the friend spend the night, and whoaaaa doggy, what an experience that turned out to be! Snicker, snicker. See, Em never had friends stay the night before we left, so this was all new to him. They stayed up all night, literally all night. It was 4am before he finally gave Em 2 tsp. of Nyquil, yes NYQUIL out of desperation to knock her out. Sure, she had a cold, but c’mon, Nyquil?! Idiot. Anyway, they (the kids) fought A LOT and were hyper and super sneaky and being typical 9 and 11 year old girls. But, like I said, he’s never had the pleasure of experiencing this time-honored tradition of a girl slumber party before, so he naturally blamed Em for their poor judgment and behavior, and for not leading her friend (a straight up Eddie Haskel type) by example in the sort of behavior he expects out of her. Ug. They did have fun, whenever he just let them be, but that doesn’t exactly change the fact that she came home crying… again, and was an exhausted, emotional wreck for the rest of the night. Oh, and get this, after he let them sleep til NOON (not that he let them per say, they had to wake him up) he had the nerve to call me to see if I would come get everyone and go out to lunch cuz he didn’t feel like cooking and he had already ordered pizza the night before so he didn’t just want to do that again. Um, NO, deal with it buddy! So he gave them Ramen Noodle Soup, goody. So, of course, Em wasn’t tired AT ALL by bedtime Sunday night, stayed wide awake til around midnight, and was an absolute bear this morning. Tired, cranky, emotional, oooooh fun! How nice to get the leftovers of fun daddy syndrome. Seriously, what purpose does this man serve in Em’s life?? I get that he can be very fun and playful when in the right mood, and that his juvenile behavior makes for some pretty exciting, creative and spontaneous times, but what about everything else? Awww, forget it, I didn’t get enough sleep last night either so I’m just being cynical and cranky myself. We are who we are. I will continue being me, he will continue being an idiot, and Em will make it to adulthood just like everyone else, childhood baggage and all. It’s not like I’m giving up or anything, it’s just that I can’t do anything about him being in her life, (or being an idiot) so all I can do is try to make the best of what I have. That’s life.

So the kitty is doing well, still pretty shook up, but relatively unharmed nonetheless. He seems to have transformed overnight into an old lazy cat, rather than the super hyper crazy young kitty that he was prior to the “tree incident”. Now he mostly lies on the back of the couch sleeping and licking himself whenever the mood strikes. Ahh, a kitty’s life… ;D


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Merry Chrsitmas to you & Em. It has certainly been an interesting year for you guys.

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