Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CRAP! Memphis fell through. Honestly, I should know better by now, yet it never fails to catch me off guard when stuff like this happens. They were hiring him contract and they called today wanting to put the contract on hold for one week because of some budgeting concerns. He said their indecision and lack of professionalism in asking him to wait right before he was set to move irritated him, so he has decided to blow them off, hence no more Memphis. He did however, ask new chick to marry him yesterday, to which she giddily agreed. Good lord, what a ride she has in store for her, and this is only just the beginning…

In other news, a friend made a comment yesterday that I found quite intriguing, thus blog-worthy of course. He mentioned that he rarely uses as much of his vocabulary with anyone as he does with me, which I thought interesting on more than one level. First, I enjoy words. While their brevity obviously eludes me, their sheer power entices and inspires me. I feel that a large vocabulary is essential to a broad view and understanding of the world and all that surrounds us. How can one find the perfect sentiment to adequately express specific emotions without at least a significant understanding of words and their meanings? Or how to describe and define true beauty, as seen in the eye of the beholder? Vocabulary, i.e. knowledge, is essential, ever evolving, and in the eye of this beholder, beautiful in its own right. Second, I found his statement somewhat disheartening. I thought it a touch sad that so many could easily overlook such a powerful tool. Especially now, in the age of text talk, which I am oftentimes guilty of myself here and do use readily in IM, I still feel it is highly inappropriate anywhere other than in the context of texting or instant messaging. And I’ll not even so much as comment on where I feel texting is appropriate, or cell phone use for that matter, but I’m sure you can imagine my views on the subject. In fact, my writing prof recently told us that she actually had more than one paper turned in with honest to god text talk intermittently spattered within. Just imagine, u for you, ur for you are or you’re, the number 2 for to or too in a college writing assignment. I kid you not, she was both amazed and appalled, and with good reason I might add. Is it really so difficult to put just a bit of forethought into our words and choose wisely? And then take it a step further and spell them out correctly whenever appropriate to do so? And don’t even get me started on the apparent inability of so many to differentiate between to too and two, your and you’re, whose and who’s, etc. Yes, it’s a pet peeve of mine that’s gotten worse with age, and I notice it in every single thing I read without fail. And now to take my notably toned down rant (as opposed to the expletive ridden one below), in an entirely different direction, I’ll have you know that not once did I consider limiting Em’s potential with nonsensical baby talk and gibberish. Instead I’ve consciously spoken up to her rather than down, with the absolute knowledge that she would rise to each occasion with either inquisitiveness or understanding. And now, I believe, because of that practice along with her inherent precociousness, her own substantial vocabulary regularly astounds and amazes even the most deferential of teachers and adults alike. She is remarkable really, and not just because of maternal bias, although I’m sure my glasses are somewhat rosily tinted much of the time, but because of the sheer imaginative power this child possesses, and her ability to express it so vibrantly in the written form. Her work, quite honestly, never ceases to amaze me. All I can do at times is just shake my head in utter disbelief and awe at what she can so effortlessly accomplish when she has a mind to. She’s a natural that girl, and obviously destined for greatness... as if any child of mine could be otherwise. ;-) teehee

Okay, stepping gingerly down from my soapbox now…


Anonymous alex said...

I don't think it's old age that caused your grammar pet peeve. It's been a pet peeve of mine since high school. I can't imagine how funny, yet sad, it must be for your professor to read a college paper with texting words in it.

Wow, a marriage proposal after a few dates? He fell in love with her camo, right? ;-)

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah Alex, it must have been her big hair and hussy red fingernails....LOL

It never ceases to amaze me what an ASS Bub is....waiting a week is NOTHING in the contracting world! IMO, Bub is the unprofessional one. He must think he is God's gift to IT or whatever....

On the GOOD part, Emmy IS a fantastic kid, and YOU have done a great job raising her Bev!!!


7:45 AM  

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