Friday, October 12, 2007

Congrats to my wonderful cousin Alex and her equally wonderful honey Bill on their long awaited and highly anticipated wedding last weekend! Sooooo, when are you gonna have kids already?? teehee, let the onslaught begin! ;-)

My writing teacher told me today that if I ever wrote a book she would buy it. HUGE compliment imo, which I subsequently expressed to her. I also indicated that there are indeed a few ideas knocking around upstairs, but we shall see... I have much to do and but one lifetime to do it in; makes me wonder how some manage it all? But I have time, baby steps of course.

She actually asked if she could read my first essay aloud to the class. I froze of course, considering its topic (the Great Escape), because you all know how much I lurrrrve public displays! Its one thing for all of you to read my dysfunctional musings from afar, but to put it out there before a group of people while sitting in their presence? Not really my cup of tea, if ykwim?

Speaking of said essay, I indeed received an A, for which I was pleasantly appreciative. I guess I take special pride in the notion that the crap I put to paper (or keyboard) is well received by others. Which I suppose should come as no surprise since y’all have been saying as much forever now, but it certainly doesn’t hurt when a trained professional concurs y’know? I also just turned in the rough draft of my second paper, which was to be based on a belief. I chose the topic of “Everything Happens For A Reason” because the sentiment couldn’t ring more true in my life, as you all know. And it was after reviewing this 2nd paper that she paid me the afore mentioned compliment, so I’m feeling pretty confident in this latest assignment as well. Anyway, nough bout that, lets see what other topics I’ve neglected for too long…

Well momma bear indeed came out and ripped the poor little 5th grade guidance counselor a new one over Em's scheduling fiasco, only to have my darling daughter, the petulant little heifer that she is, come back to me wavering on her staunch indignation of switching to GT math. After having to attend the new classes while I was working to get her schedule changed back, she’s decided that she likes GT math (and her GT math teacher) after all. Figures! Rolls eyes... I feel kinda bad for the guidance counselor... but not enough to lose sleep over it or anything. I mean they still screwed up regardless, so I’d say a little ass chewin was most definitely in order. ;-) She’s flip-flopped a few more times since then, to which I told her to suck it up and finish out the semester in GT math. If she decides she truly wants out at that point then I’ll be willing to revisit the topic, otherwise she can just zip it! Damn, that elusive mother of the year award evades me once again... ;-) More later...

Oh yeah, almost forgot, for Dawnyal... love ya babe! ;-)


Anonymous jill said...

Damn straight we've been telling you for at least a year that you should write a book and become a zillionaire like that Harry Potter broad! btw, I consider myself a trained professional blog reader I'll have you know.

I can actually picture your face when the prof asked to read your intensely personal (yet obviously marvelous) essay out loud. tee hee.

Yeah, kids can be a pain. Especially female ones (then again, that's the only kind I know).

1:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love reading your bolg and I'm sure I'ld love a book if it was written by you.

There might actually be some real money in that for you!


8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So when are WE gonna read said essays on here??? :):)


10:01 AM  
Anonymous Dawnyal said...

mmmm eye candy. :)
Glad to hear you are doing well. I too would pay money to read your book. (Tapping my fingers waiting to read said essays :))

4:27 PM  
Anonymous alex said...

The ladies on here are right, you could do really well writing a book. I'd even design the cover for you!

Will Matthew McConaughey be in the book????

6:35 PM  
Blogger B said...

"Will Matthew McConaughey be in the book????"

One can only hope... ;-)

9:11 PM  

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