Monday, September 10, 2007

I’ve been offered a promotion at work, more hours, more pay, and different duties. My boss (the owner) wants me to take on administrative work to help lesson the load on him and to be quite honest I’m nervous as hell. It’s a lot to take on with school and life in general, I’d be working full time, going to school full time and of course the soul care giver for Em as always. I’m seriously questioning me ability to manage it all, which is only offset by my need to earn more dough. And that extra $$ would end up being just about $200.00 shy of making TWICE my current monthly salary… twice! Which is also extremely close to what I was making when I still had the church lady job. So if this works out then I would not have to supplement my income with student loans, but if this works out then what if I can’t keep up with all of my schoolwork? The hours would be more flexible than they are now, with much of the administrative duties being such that I could handle them in my off hours. But I’d also be adding 10-15 hours per week, which is a lot for me. Quite honestly I don’t see how I could pass up the opportunity, but I’m nervous just the same. After all, we all know how much I adore change. ;-)

And now a picture from a friend that I found to be hauntingly beautiful and eerily serene. How fitting that such simple calmness found its way to me when it was needed most; while in the midst of my inner turmoil with this whole job thing. There truly are no coincidences are there?

Taken from one vantage point on the Stanley Park Seawall Hike in Vancouver, British Columbia at 2:00 PM on a misty winter's day.


Anonymous Jill said...

First things first (I've been away) Happy Birthday Em!! A whole decade! The next one will be filled with lots of changes and excitement (just like your mum's ;) As for the math class - how dare they go against a parent's wishes. Make yourself heard!

Did you get your "story" back yet? No doubt you aced it - NO DOUBT AT ALL!

Quite a dilemma you have there about the promotion. Hell, I worked full-time and only went to school part-time when I was a single mum and felt life was a tad too busy. But you make it through somehow and its another one of those learning experiences and personal growth things (you must be a genius by now).

I know how difficult it is to turn down the extra money, but if you know in your heart its too much to handle, remember that student loans can always be paid off in the future, so put them to the back of your mind for the time being if you must. On the other hand, if you feel that fire in your belly surging up saying you can be Wonderwoman (you're pretty much there already) don't drown that out either.

I guess its time to write up that good old list - the pro and con one - and see how it all adds up. Good luck!!

2:06 AM  
Anonymous Dawnyal said...

Beautiful picture.
I just glanced at Jill's response and I see she and I are pretty much thinking the same thing and was going to suggest a pro/con list. I also usually try to sleep on big decisions like this and see what feels right the next morning (or next if it takes a couple of days.) I have no doubt that you will come to a decision that best suits you and Em.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! So many life changes for you! You are a lot stronger than you think so if you decide to go for the full-time job, I have no question that you'll do fine. My 35-year old son works the graveyard shift full-time, goes to school during the day full-time, has another part-time job and is a single dad to my special needs granddaughter. So I know it's doable (he's also on the Dean's list). But it takes a toll on a person physically and mentally so weigh those pros and cons carefully. Like Jilly said, don't be afraid of those student loans. That investment in your future is considered "good" debt.

Good luck!


3:44 PM  
Anonymous sandy said...

What a great way to be able to go to school, work and still be there in the afternoon when Em gets home from school. I would have loved it when my brood was little. Couldn't hurt to give it a try, don't you think? I know you will be able to handle it. You are stronger than ever. Hugs,

11:25 AM  
Anonymous alex said...

When I was in school and working with a pretty long commute in between, the thing that really kept me going was knowing it was temporary. It would only be a few years, not the rest of my life. Bill used to laugh at me when I would tell him, "I can sleep after I graduate." I don't recommend that method, BTW. ;-)

I have no doubt that you'll make things work and you'll have Em's support along with all of us.
Good luck!

Oh yeah, how did you do on the creative writing assignment you talked about?

12:21 PM  

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