Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jeez, someone had a bad case of the crankies there, huh? ;-) Oh well, everyone is entitled to a good anger-filled rant every now and then aren’t they? At any rate, I’m good now, just needed to get that off my chest. So excuse my French, and back to business as usual shall we??

So, I met new chick this weekend. Teehee, that was fun! No seriously, no sarcasm here.. it really was fun. I’ve been angling to size her up for some time now. She’s funny and loud, and kinda fru-fru in a redneck sort of way. Wait.. fru-fru and redneck? The hell you say? I promise, it can be and is done all the time. Big hair, loud perfume, heavy makeup and an undying love of Nascar and anything camo…yes, camo. Did you read “redneck”? Helloooo? She seemed nice enough, in that nervous sort of “oh crap, the new chick meets the ex chick” kinda way. They looked very cute and happy together, as Bub is obviously basking in the joy of his rejuvenated narcissist supply. And I am basking in the joy of the continued attention diversion, except of course for the periodic debriefing so that I may acquire new material for the ongoing Bubba docudrama.

In other news, my next writing assignment is to create a persuasive essay. Persuasive… as in to persuade another to see an opposing view using logic and reason, and perhaps even get them to change their own. Are you freakin kidding me? Serious mental block here. I have an innate inability to persuade anyone to do anything using logic and reason. Quite honestly, I feel as though I have a real disconnect here.. like those particular synapses have ceased to fire long ago. This is totally tripping me up and I am stuck.. like a deer in the headlights. I’ve already told my Prof that I need HEEEEELP, and we plan to set up an appointment so that she can do just that. It was funny actually; she was like “what?! Of anyone I thought you would be the last person in class to need help on a persuasive paper”. It totally floored her that I was having trouble, which I definitely took as a compliment, but still…she doesn’t yet have full disclosure on just how messed up this noggin of mine really is. Oh boy, is she ever in for it! ;-)

Major History exam tomorrow…well, technically today being that its 12freakin30 and I’m still up studying, wish me luck. Then a Psych exam on Thursday..ug. Whose idea what this whole school thing anyway?? Sheesh!


Anonymous Jill said...

Wow, woman! You don't post for months and then I go away for a bit and there's all this to catch up on! Enjoyable reading though, very much so - from the wonderful news of bub o' lard (for brains) moving miles and miles away, to the emotionally charged grade A essay (good job missy), to the usual manipulative crap from the aforesaid lard brain. I can just hear him now: "Oh Bev, I react so differently with her" - yeah, maybe while love's in full bloom, but you'll be taking calls of woe from him eventually (probably collect calls - don't accept the charges!!)

Hope the little meeting with the prof gave you renewed confidence about your persuasive essay. Hell, you could convince an eskimo to buy a freezer!

p.s. loved the description of the new chick. Hard to know whether to laugh or cringe at the thought of what she's in for, poor redneck woman.

12:54 AM  
Anonymous alexx said...

Having lots of fun visualizing what a fru-fru redneck would look like...

For your essay, you do lots of persuading... isn't that part of a mom's job? How much persuasion did it take to get Em to follow through with the spelling bee? Let us know how the meeting goes with the prof.

Good luck on the tests!

4:19 PM  
Blogger Wien. said...

How about a paper on why Bub and his new lady should move far, far, away? I'm sure you and your prof. will come up with something that will seem so obvious, and turn out to be another A+ paper.

Good visuals by the way, big hair, big make up, perfume and camo....

Love it! and seems to be just the right fit for Bub!


12:43 AM  

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