Thursday, September 27, 2007

I got hit on today. And if I hadn’t known better I would have sworn it was Don Cheadle himself come to sweep me off my feet, which I can’t say that I would have minded too terribly, but I digress. ;) I had just parked and was walking towards the store when his car came turning down the lane and abruptly stopped as he called out "hi... hello!" from the open window. I stopped of course and smiled with a hi back of my own, trying to determine if I should know him from somewhere by leaning down a bit and peering into the window. Upon realizing that there was no recognition other than the uncanny resemblance to the afore mentioned Mr. Cheadle I asked, "can I help you?" to which he smiled hugely and with a sparkle in his eye declared "wow... you’re pretty!" With a raucous chuckle and a wave of my hand I called out "thank you" and went on about my way... a cheesy grin plastered smugly across my face for the impromptu ego boost on a sunny weekday afternoon. He didn’t pursue me and it wasn’t creepy, it was just... nice. Which I can say with complete sincerity having never been the target of boorish catcalls nor the uncouth wide-eyed, chest level stares of socially inept men with but one thing one their minds. I guess I was just thinking that its funny how feminine such a small gesture can make a woman so unaccustomed to them feel. As opposed to the disdain felt by so many having been accosted, sometimes daily, and to the point of degradation. Interesting, don'tcha think?

More to come about the other goings on in our lives of course; my writing paper, Em’s GT math class fiasco, my promotion at work, but this I just had to share quickly as it was still fresh on my mind.

BTW, check out the new blog link for HollyWood Farm Girl that I just added to the lower left under "worth checking out". Melissa Etheridge's wife Tammy is profoundly witty and wickedly smart-mouthed to boot. Triple LOVE her style, as I do any kick ass chick unafraid to speak her mind.


Blogger Wien. said...

Getting hit on...I can't remember when that has happened me just out of the blue like it did to you. Good for you!! I bet it felt fantastic and your smile lasted forever. You sure deserved that feeling.
We're waiting to hear about your paper, Em's GT math class, etc. When you get the chance....

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Dawnyal said...

Isn't getting hit on fun. Even my old married self still likes the nice ego boost such things can cause. Not that I'd ever act upon such things (unless of course it was Matthew McConaughey, which Jeff knows all about that obsession. *grin*)

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey girl--thanks for the link to Tammy's blog. I do love the way that girl writes!


10:03 AM  

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