Friday, November 16, 2007

So Bub passed his drug test... on a wing and a prayer. He was made to retake it because it showed an "unknown substance" the first time. It came out clear on the second attempt so I'm not sure if the first or second was the fluke. Makes no difference as he is now living in Memphis and gainfully employed... for the time being. ;-) There were, of course, all sorts of other drama surrounding him over the last two weeks, but honestly, what else is new? Nothing particularly noteworthy really, just stuff that makes me appreciate new chick having taken my place all the more, so I'll just leave it at that.

Well I had a heart stopping yet completely laughable moment recently. My writing prof created a blog for us to use as a forum for class discussions, to which I posted a comment as we had been instructed to do. However, said blog resides on, as does the very one you’re reading now. And those of you with your own blogger blogs already know that when you post a comment, you typically do so while automatically logged in under your own blogger profile. Do ya see where I’m goin’ with this yet?? So yes, there I was, having just posted my comment, whereupon I realized that, low and behold, there is a link associated with my name, a link that would take a would be reader to my profile, and ultimately my own blog. Hello? Have we not been through this enough by now? Sheesh! ;-) So once I was sufficiently revived from my near fatal stroke, I clicked through my profile link and discovered that my saving grace was indeed in place, though I hadn’t remembered it at the time. Some time ago I locked or disabled my profile for this very reason, and now I am unbelievably grateful for that feature. Could you imagine a class full of barely pubescent 20 somethings reading and commenting on my dysfunctional ramblings? And then having to face them irl afterwards?! Although I’m sure some of my more notable posts would have made for quite the lively and humorous in-class discussion, I just don’t think we really need to go there now do we? After all, a girl must retain at least an air of mystery, don’tcha think?

Speaking of my writing class, I almost forgot to mention another particularly interesting thing that happened. Em must have gotten a sudden inspiration because she decided to pen a 12-page short story in one day. Which she then begged me to ask Miss Spears (writing prof) to read and critique for her (Em having met and become quite enamored with her previously). So sure, why not? I took it in, and not only did she read it, but she read it aloud to the whole class! OMG, it was hilarious! And not only because of Em’s deliciously witty writing style that I so adore, but also because of the numerous comments referencing her age, substantial vocabulary, and professional air. It was simply fabulous and made for an exceedingly fun class. So now Em can boast that she’s been read by a college level panel.

Also, and I promise that this will be the last reference I’ll make to my beloved writing class this post, I just got my second paper back sporting none other than an A+, yay me! This was the one that was to be about a personal belief, for which I chose the thesis of “Everything happens for a reason”. That being said, I’ll also quickly mention one particularly endearing comment I got on the paper from an anonymous peer review. The student reviewer said in his/her note that I had "successfully taken a seemingly narrow minded view and turned it into something amazing". That statement really struck a chord with me because, believe me, I’m all too aware of just how narrowly that particular belief is often viewed. So the very great compliment was taken as such, and I remain quite pleased with how the paper turned out.

In other news, Em will be spending her first extended stay with Bub this week since she is out of school for the Thanksgiving break. Saturday through Wednesday, Thanksgiving together at his mom's, then back home with me. We're both cautiously optimistic that all will go well, and I'm hoping like hell that I won't live to regret my agreeability on this one. She knows she can call anytime day or night and I'll be there. And believe me, she won't hesitate to call considering how she has almost zero tolerance for his BS since she's been away from it for so long now. Although I must admit, we've both noticed that he is much better tempered with new chick around since he's so giddy in love and all, but it will be a huge test nonetheless being that he's never actually parented her on his own before. Although I imagine that much of the day to day running of things will likely be left up to new chick since he can barely take care of himself, but I digress. Whatever occurs will be interesting I'm sure. Interesting. Trying like hell to reconcile my comfort with that term as it applies to Em's well being. Dear god, please don't let me live to regret this...

BTW, go ahead and let me have it, I know you must be dying to. WTF is she thinking?!! Good question.

Oh, and one more thing I promise, Bub has heard from the doctor and I'm afraid it's just as we've feared...

*Edited to add: No matter how ignorant the man may be, I am 100% certain that he would never smoke, drink, or ingest any mind altering substance while Em is staying with him, ever. My only true concern about her being there is his ability to handle being an actual parent for a change.


Anonymous jill said...

Ding, dong, Bub is gone! Good, life can be on a more even keel without him around. Sure, there's the stress of Em's visits with him, but having new chick around should alleviate that for you a bit and, as you say, you can be there to get her if the need arises!

Sorry for laughing about your momentary "blog" terror - I know you'd cringe with humiliation. Speaking of, is your stepmom talking to you yet?

Good for both you and Em on the "English" front. Wonderful grade for you (but totally expected) and a great opportunity for your talented little miss to shine with her short story!

4:38 PM  
Blogger B said...

Nary a word from her Jilly, and I'll not hold my breath. Oh well, such is life...

10:31 PM  

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