Friday, July 29, 2005

Possible exciting news to share.

I'm sorry Jilly, sometimes it's just too much to bear, and yesterday was a particularly bad day.

So here's some of my mundane and not so mundane news. We found out that I'm gonna have to drive to our little overnight kid friendly casino destination, about 3 hours each way. We discovered (luckily in time) that they don't allow children on the bus tours that we were planning to take there, so I had to give up on my dream of a nice relaxing ride while someone else took care of all the driving, sigh! Oh well, it will still be fun, regardless, even though that was just one of the major pluses for me. You know, I just realized that I've never shared the fact that my husband is legally blind on this blog before, which is why I'm the one who always has to do all of the driving. Sorry if there was any confusion because of that!

Now, on to our new addition in the family. The stray cat who has apparently adopted us (literally, we pulled up one day and found her asleep on our carport, and she hasn't left since!) just had kittens! We've named her Whiskers and we didn't even know she was pregnant until a few days ago when we asked a friend to check her sex and he informed us that not only was she a she but that she also had a tummy full of babies! Oh my, what have we gotten ourselves into?! Anyway, two days ago I walked out to check on her and noticed that she was in the box we had set out for her, breathing hard. I called Emmy out to see and we proceeded to watch her giving birth to five sweet little babies. I've never personally witnessed a birth like this so I was completely fascinated, as was Emmy, it's all she's been able to talk about lately. Momma and babies are all doing great, healthy and active and just as cute as can be!

Now, for the not so mundane. Last week I was browsing around the Dr. Phil website, (I love his show!) and I noticed a call out for people who wish they could have a total body makeover. Of course I dropped them a line since I know I'll never be able to afford reconstructive surgery for my excess skin on my own. And yesterday a producer from the show contacted me! She said they were interested in my story and to please send them more details and some before and after pics ASAP. OMG! I don't know how comfortable I am with the idea of putting my life and body on display like that for entertainment purposes, but for the chance of having this blasted skin removed? How could I possibly pass up the opportunity if it presents itself? Realistically, it may be the only chance I ever get. So, we'll just have to see how that goes, and if they ever get back to me or not. But it's pretty exciting either way!


Blogger The Girl Called Jack said...

Hello :) I am LegallyBrunette at 3FC, and found your journal link there!

Congratulations on the kittens! We adopted a pregnant cat about 3 months ago and she had 4 beautiful babies 2 months ago! (So I understand where you're coming from!)

6:08 PM  
Blogger Dawnyal said...

Beverly, that is so awesome about Dr. Phil's producers. I'm hoping they pick you for this you certainly deserve it.

I can relate to having to do all the driving. My dad is legally blind as well so mom's done all their driving. She loved it when us kids got old enough to drive and now if we have to take long trips, I make sure to pitch in on the driving so she doesn't have to do it all.

2:14 PM  

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