Thursday, July 21, 2005

Something different, planning a trip.

Thank you Jilly, your support means more to me than you know.

Well, my husband has informed me that he's going to start "working from home more often", which basically translates into sleeping until noon and then reeking havoc on any schedule I've created for myself and my daughter for the rest of the day. Normally he's not around very often and we are spared from the "lectures" he's so fond of giving when things don't go the way he likes. So, of course, this has completely thrown me off since I'm used to having the place to myself. I'm not sure how well I'm going to handle having to walk on egg shells even more of the time, but I'll figure it out. It's just been quite a shock, and I must admit I'm more than a little disappointed with the change. I definitely don't handle change well, (that's an understatement!) and I like it best when I know what I can expect day after day with no major disruptions. Oh well, that's life and I've got to be able to go with the flow. I guess it was just easier to ignore my situation before, and I'm kind of mourning the loss of my imposed ignorance.

Okay, enough of that unpleasantness, this blog was never intended to be a total bitchfest about my dysfunctional marriage! So here's some news, we've decided to take a small, overnight trip to a hotel/casino in a neighboring state in a few weeks! I'm very excited since this is something I've been wanting to do for quite a while. They even have busses that take you there and back so I won't even have to drive the 3 or so hours it takes! I absolutely hate to drive so this is a huge deal for me. And you can't beat the deal they give you; $10.00 per person for the ticket, but then they give you a $5.00 gambling credit and a free buffet each! The money is going to be a little tight, but we never do things like this so we're just gonna splurge a bit and try to enjoy ourselves regardless. Plus, I have to be optimistic and say I'll win it all back on the slot machines if I'm lucky! I just hope it will be a nice trip with no drama so I can truly enjoy the experience, cause who knows when we'll have the opportunity for something like this again. The break from my normal routine does give me pause though. Like I said, I thrive on a schedule, so this should be interesting. I know the hotel has a gym, it'll just be finding the time to get to it that poses a problem. And I'm pretty good with buffets now. I know what I should and shouldn't have so I'm not overly concerned with that. I do wonder how I'll handle breakfast though. I usually wake up around 6 (long before anyone else) and eat my beloved Kashi Go Lean Crunch right away, so perhaps I'll bring along a Zone bar to eat and then have something light when the family eats breakfast a bit later as a mid-morning snack. I will miss my Go Lean Crunch though, god I love that stuff!! Hmmm, I wonder if they have a little fridge in the room? Then I could bring it and a some milk and still have my morning Kashi fix! Wow, I need help! Anyway, I'm looking forward to the trip, even if it is a break from the norm, and I hope it will prove to be a pleasant experience no matter what.


Anonymous Jilly said...

Hope you can make the best of hubby's decision to disrupt your daily routine! If he sleeps until noon at least you'll have the mornings to yourself and perhaps can get out to shop, play with your daughter, etc. during the day while he's around. Then again, hopefully he'll shut himself an a room and actually do some work and leave you to your own resources!

The casino trip certainly sounds like a fun break from routine! Can't say I've ever had much luck at the slots, but its exciting to try and you never know. The most I ever made at a casino was when I found a $20 bill in the parking lot on the way home after a night of losses, lol. Here's hoping the only drama you experience is that of being a big winner!

Kudos to you for being able to manage buffets! I do okay with food in general, but when I have a display of tasty things right in front of my face (and don't have to cook it all myself) I find the temptation unbearable (especially when its an "all you can eat" buffet and I want my money's worth!

I have to laugh about your professed love of Go Lean Crunch. You'd make a great spokeswoman (the advertising campaign could be about how you "lost almost 200lbs. because of Go Lean Crunch") Sure, that's an exaggeration, but how much truth in advertising is there? Let's just say I'd rather see your smiling face on a box of Kashi than some of those scary faces on "Good Friends" cereal. Even if the hotel/motel doesn't have a fridge, you can buy a little carton of milk and put it in cold water in the sink overnight or, better yet, in the ice bucket that all hotels provide. I'm a big fan of Kashi too, but I'll never understand your love of Zone bars...that's about the only buffet I wouldn't have trouble with - one of nothing but nasty zone bars! :D

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