Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'll take the buffet!

We went to the $1.00 theater on Sunday to see Herbie Fully Loaded, (cute!) and then out to an early dinner at a local family style chain restaurant, which sports a fairly large buffet. I gotta tell ya, I sure do love me a buffet! It's funny too, knowing the risks and temptations that come along with eating buffet style, and the fact that sooooo many of us food addicted fat chicks simply cannot handle this kind of situation. But after years of seeing buffets as an excuse to gorge myself, then some time spent being weary and anxious of them while losing the weight, I've now come to appreciate the buffet in a way I never thought I could before. Instead of seeing the deep-fried, fat-filled food free for all that I so happily partook of to the point of physical pain for most of my life, I now see it as an opportunity to enjoy very small amounts of several different types of foods that I wouldn't normally have in my every day life. Stuff that I would never order a full entree of in regular restaurants, I can now enjoy in very small quantities without remorse. It's wonderful!! Two or three bites of this, two or three bites of that, along with a ginormous salad, and I'm one completely satisfied happy camper who can stay on plan and not feel the least bit deprived. I think every place should have a buffet!! I'm guessing, once I resolved the fact that I could no longer eat the type and amounts of food I was used to, I was able to let go of the "eat as much as you can for the price" idea. And you all know how much I love a bargain, so not feeling like I'm getting my money's worth was a huge thing to let go of. But I do feel like I'm getting my money's worth, just in a different way. Just because all that food is there, it doesn't mean I have to eat all of it for the $8.99 I spent. The money is spent either way, so what I choose to spend it on is completely up to me. And now that I am no longer giving in to the gratuitous whims of my inner (spoiled, fat) child, and can actually hold myself accountable for the types and amounts of food that I allow to pass these lips, I think I can truly enjoy a buffet for it's originally intended purpose- a diversified, satisfying meal. Plus, you gotta love the salad bars at these places! Whoa baby! Spinach, cucumbers, broccoli, tomatoes, you name it, they got it! And you can come back and get as much of it as you damn well please. No piddly little, pre-made dinner salads, the likes of which you get at those overpriced sit-down joints. No, I'm talkin heaping mounds of fresh veggies and yummy fixins, YUM! You just can't beat a really good salad bar!

You know what I just realized? I'm talking about a freaking salad bar like I used to describe my famous chocolate chunk, walnut, caramel brownies! (No, I will not post the recipe, I refuse to be an enabler!) How huge is that?!! I gotta tell you though, I really love the food I eat now. So much so, that I almost feel guilty, like I'm cheating sometimes. Is that messed up, or what? I actually prefer to eat the food I prepare over almost any restaurant we can go to, which really bugs the shit out of Bub and Em since they are total junk food junkies. I almost never want to eat out anymore. But the way I figure it, there is no way I could have stuck with this if I didn't absolutely love the food I eat. So, I feel lucky that I have been able to acquire a taste for things that I never would have considered before. Oh god, I think I've turned into one of those "health nuts" who actually likes rabbit food and enjoys exercise. Crap! I hate those people!!

Anyway, I saw this on the boards at 3fc, and didn't think it got nearly as much recognition as it so rightly deserves (just because it's fun and motivating). So, I'm gonna post it here so even more fat or formally fat chicks can partake in the fun! The idea behind it is that you do a little calculating to figure out how many or much of your favorite foods has or will be burned off according to the pounds you've lost or want to lose. Gosh, I hope that makes sense! Oh well, just read on, you'll figure it out.

1. pick a food that you used to eat a lot.
2. search the web to see the calories for that food (take note of serving size). Calorie King is good for this.
3. multiply the pounds you've lost times 3500 to come up with the total CALORIES you've burned to lose your weight.
4. divide total calories burned by calories for your chosen food.
5. Viola! You've burned that much food!

I did 190 (lbs. lost) X 3500 = 665,000 / cals for chosen food

So, all together, I've lost:
96 pints of Ben & Jerry's Coffee Health Bar Crunch +
637 Cadbury Cream Eggs +
968 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups +
464 Almond Snickers +
792 Toll House chocolate chip cookies +
616 chocolate chunk brownies

or... 8,313 of my new favorite healthy snack, Blue Bunny Lite 85 black cherry yogurt!

Holy crap! That's an eye opener, isn't it?


Anonymous Jilly said...

Well, I really have to give you credit. Sure, I like the food I'm eating now, but I can't trust myself at buffets yet, so I hope I can be more like you when I grow up (yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking...but I was talking about emotional age rather than chronological).

That "calories burned" thing is impressive (dats a lotta yogurt, baby, not to mention the junk stuff). I did a quick calculation and discovered I've burned 165 LARGE Pizza Hut deep dish meat lovers supreme pizzas! Problem is, this exercise has made me crave one ... yet, I'm fairly confident enough to say I could restrict myself to one (err, perhaps two) slices and not feel the need to eat the whole thing (which differs from a buffet, where I'd have to have some of EVERYTHING!). We all have food issues, hon. ;)

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Kery said...

Alright, I'm on my way to healing, I suppose, since all these talks of buffets and favorite foods calculations haven't managed to make me crave anything yet! yayh ;)

Oddly enough, buffets is something at which I tend to behave "properly", i'm not sure why, nor how I manage to do that. I've had/stil lsomewhat have the "need to get my money's worth" mentatlity, yet I'm still unable to gorge there most of the time, which is an excellent thing. Actually, I've stopped eating at the Chinese buffet in my town, ordering a normal menu instead: I was anyway eating 4 nems and one bowl of rice only before feeling really stuffed, so why should I pay the full price, huh. (And this probably doesn't bode well for the amount of fat in the food, if it makes me full so quickly... but this is another story.)

I'll agree with you in any case, it can be a great opportunity to taste different foods, and without having to order a full meal with the risk of not liking the food and leaving half the plate to only scarf down something else later *lol*

10:53 AM  
Blogger B said...

Oh, well hold on now, a Chinese buffet is a whole other story entirely!! When I treat myself to a "free" meal, the local Chinese buffet is tops on my list. I discovered long ago that I just have no control there, and am not satisfied if I do try to eat on plan there, so I gave up on trying. This is the one place where I allow myself to enjoy what ever the hell I want, and by god, I savor every last sauce-covered, fat-filled, greasy bite! Which would explain why I can count on one hand how many times we've eaten there in the last year! Definitely not a "safe" place for this fat chick!


11:36 AM  
Blogger Dawnyal said...

That is awesome. I try to avoid buffets for just that reason--if I'm spending 10 bucks on the meal then I want 10 bucks worth of food. Although the last time we went to a buffet I only got a salad, pork chop and tons of veggies sans any toppings and avoided the desserts.

2:03 PM  

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