Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Not a lot going on today. It's a rainy, quiet, blah kind of day. I think we're gonna rent The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy tonight since Bub says he doesn't have any plans and I've got to find something to keep everyone occupied. It should be cute, but not really my thing. I'm currently reading Fat Girl: a true story by Judith Moore, so I'll probably just read while the movie is playing. I only just picked it up from the library yesterday (I'd had to order it previously) and have read about the first five chapters or so. It's been quite blunt so far, no sugar coating here, and although I haven't really gotten to it yet, I know from the overview and the ladies at 3fc, that it delves into some pretty major mental and physical abuse at the hands of the author's mother. I realize that it's going to be a difficult read for me, but I love any type of true human interest story, regardless of how painful it may be. So, stay tuned for a full review when I'm finished!

So, I've been feeling incredibly stupid lately, and here's why. I always try to assist Em with her homework, (if she needs my assistance, that is) or just sit with her while she does it and check it when she's finished. But lately, and I don't know if it's just me or if this stuff really is getting harder, I've been having some trouble grasping all of it! And this is just the THIRD GRADE!! Admittedly, I'm no whiz in the academic arena, never have been, but this is ridiculous! I'm finding a lot of the instructions on the worksheets she brings home ambiguous at best, and frankly, I've been at a loss to help her more times than I care to admit. This, of course, causes her to become completely frustrated while she sits there and waits for stupid 'ol mom to figure out what the hell they're talkin about so I can then explain it to her! Good grief! I realize that teaching styles, materials, and subjects have changed greatly since I attended elementary school, but the basic concepts should still remain, shouldn't they? WTF am I gonna do when this stuff really gets hard? I'm sure it will be better on both of us mentally and emotionally if I just employ the service of a tutor when the going really gets tough, 'cause I think we may end up killing each other if she has to rely solely on my shockingly limited mental capacity when it comes to such subjects as Algebra and Trig in the years to come. Poor dear, I imagine she'll end up having to teach me all of the useless crap that I never bothered to learn while in school out of self defense. Good lord, I don't think I'm ready for this! At least I still have a few years before we hit the stuff that I'm not gonna be able to fumble my way through. Good thing kids usually think their parents are the most ignorant beings on earth, maybe she'll never catch on to just how little I really do know!!

Anyway, I'm gonna cut this one short. Errands to run, dinner to cook, etc. A mom's work is never done!


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