Friday, March 03, 2006

Genuine kindness, how refreshing.

Car troubles, ick. The breaks are shot, both front and back, but moreso on the front which need immediate attention. Well shit! It'll be a couple of hundred bucks, ouch. But here's a little insight into the genuine kindness of some folks in this world of ours. The mechanic I use is a family owned local shop which does a thriving business and employs several competent workers. The owner himself is usually the one who deals with customers, and in the short time I've been going there we are already on a first name basis. Well yesterday, when Hugh (the owner) tried to, as delicately as possible, break the news of my car issues and their subsequent costs (he literally looked pained to have to tell me!) my initial reaction was, HOLY SHIT! Which I kept to myself, of course, as I reserve my potty mouth for only those precious few who know me best (awwwww, now don't you all feel so special??) But to him, I expressed my inability to come up with that kind of dough right now, regardless of the serious implications. He said he understood completely, but that it was imperative that I find a way. Now, some might think that the dude was simply trying to scare me and gig me outta some moolah, but honestly, I don't think this guy has it in him. So, I said, I don't suppose you'd be willing to take payments, would'ja? And no, not even a single eyelash was batted, you naughty, naughty girls! He said that the shop doesn't do that, buuuuuuuut, they do have a credit account that I could apply for and make payments with no money down if approved. Well hot diggity, sign me up for that bad boy!! My credit is shit though, so I had my doubts, but hey, it doesn't hurt to try, right? Well guess what? I got approved for up to $500.00 worth of service and/or supplies! Way cool! Okay, so that's taken care of, now to actually get the work done. Since I'm the only driver, it's not like I can just be without my car for a day, and we don't have any family close enough by to cart us around, so when I have car work done, it needs to be quick and I usually have to sit and wait while the work's being done. But, wonderful Hugh said, no problem, we'll have someone run you home and pick you up when the work is complete, and it won't take any more than 2 hours . Uh, okay!! You don't have to twist my arm! Gosh I love this place! But seriously, it gets even better, just wait. So, I bring the car in for our scheduled 1:00 appt. today (that being the best time for them), and the place is swamped. Needless to say, I have definite concerns about their ability to finish the work in time for me to pick Em up from school at 3:15. So I ask if he'd prefer that I just bring it in Monday, it's really no problem, I don't mind at all. But this dude is so concerned about the state of my breaks that he absolutely will not hear of it. He says, we will have it done by then, I promise. Okay, I trust ya! Then, knowing that I would need a ride home, but being as incredibly busy as they were and unable to spare someone to run me home, the dude actually tells me to wait there while he gets his keys so I can borrow his truck to get home while they work on my car! Are you freakin' kidding me?? And he won't take no for an answer! Then he says, if for some reason they can't get finished in time, (but they will, he assures me) I'm to use his truck to pick Em up from school and do any of the running around I need to do! Oh c'mon, are there really people this trusting and generous? Honestly, he just blew me away. I mean, this guy doesn't know me from Adam, other than that I'm a regular customer, and he just gives me his truck to use because he wants to make sure 1) that I don't drive my car on crappy breaks any longer than necessary, and 2) that I'm not inconvenienced in any way while they're fixing it! I'm just speechless! Well, I guess I'm not speechless since I just wrote this long as post about it, but you get the picture! So, it just goes to show, there really are just good-hearted, compassionate people in the world. And no matter how cynical I become, I will always have a reminder of that. Now, I wonder if there's any shit I can haul while I've got this guy's nice ass truck just sittin' in my driveway?? JK, I wouldn't dare!! ;D teehee

Well, it's my birthday, I'm 29 today. My mom said, congratulations, it's your last birthday!! I simply can't have a daughter over 30, so you're done! What a goofball, I love her. ;D Since Bub can't really shop for me because I would have to drive him, I just picked out and purchased my b-day present myself, which I honestly prefer doing anyway. Much less waste of time and this way I only get things I really want, so it works for me. Anyway, I had noticed that WalMart had down comforters on clearance, which is something that I've always wanted due to very fond childhood memories laying in my Grandma's bed and just sinking into her crisp, white down comforter. So I snatched one up for the bargain price of $25.00! You gotta love WalMart's clearance!! It was originally $62.00, so the price break was fabulous! And while it may not be the highest quality, (yes, I realize that even the original price of $62.00 for down is pretty damn cheap) it still makes me happy, and that's all that really matters anyway. I figure I'll upgrade to a really high quality one, (hey, and maybe even throw in some really high thread count sheets to boot) when I'm seriously rolling in the dough some day. Hey, you never know, Arkansas could adopt a state lottery one of these days. Did I mention I just saw a flying pig last week? That little squealer was really bookin' it too, something about gettin' outta dodge cause hell was freezin' over, I dunno. Wonders never cease y'know!

Now, guess what I'm gonna do? Heehee, it's baaaaaaad, but I don't care, it's my fucking birthday by god! You know my fav restaurant, the one that Bub has that disturbing dirt on that I absolutely refused to let him tell me about? I'm gonna tell him that's where I want to go for my B-day dinner tonight!! I know it's childish, and he'll probably be an absolute bastard about it and perhaps even ruin the whole evening, but like I said, it's my favorite place to eat (yes, Jilly, it's the Chinese buffet, as if it could possibly be anything else!) and it's my birthday, so too damn bad! See, what'd I tell ya, there really is a little bitch in me, I just keep her suppressed most of the time! Wish me luck!


Blogger chryscat said...

And you just go anywhere you damn please for your birthday dinner. *grins*
And I absolutely LOVED the story about the mechanic. That makes my week. And we all know what a shitheap this week has been.
HUGE HUGS! And you enjoy this day completely.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Jilly said...

Awww, your mechanic is a sweetheart ~ perhaps a little birdie told him it was your birthday :) Hope you enjoyed your birthday feast and I'm sure if you ladled enough of that red gloppy sauce over your favourite "chicken" dish you never even guessed it was made with cat meat (Bub sent me an e-mail). As for the down comforter, I trust you'll be taking it with you when you leave. Nice of Bub to provide a parting gift. ;)

12:53 AM  
Blogger Dawnyal said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
Wow that truly is customer service. I know the brake place where I used to go was the same way. Now I have a mechanically inclined hubby who changes them for me.
I hope you enjoyed your dinner.
Oh Jilly, what Chinese place doesn't serve cat? LOL

9:11 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Hope your birthday was good!

And you definitely deserve something GOOD to happen to you! So glad the mechanic was a generous man! :)

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Aunt Sandy said...

Tweek all you want! hee hee
I agree with your mom. she is just too young to have such old children...

12:14 AM  

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