Thursday, December 20, 2007

I got a C in World History, a C!!! >:( I’m slightly perturbed if you couldn’t tell… a freakin’ C… sheesh! I had a nice solid B all throughout the semester and then this, wtf? I must have totally bombed the final; it was worth 30% of my grade. But a C? I don’t get it. My mom suggested that I talk with him and see just what I screwed up so badly on, and I may do that, but I figure he’s been doing this long enough that if he thinks I deserve a C then he’s probably right. It was a tough class, especially the final, but a C? hmmmm… I also got A’s in Govt. & Comp 1, and a B in Psych. Although, and I kid you not, I was literally 1.5 points shy of an A in psych. 1.5 points!! But he’s a statistics man and I knew that a measly 1.5 points would make no difference, so a B it is. That’s fine, I was going for all A’s and B’s… and apparently a stupid freakin’ C! Grrrrrrr. My GPA is 3.25 though, so still sufficient enough to apply for most scholarships, which I intend to do cuz this student loan crap is for the birds! I hope to qualify for and receive enough scholarship funding each year to carry me through, so keep your fingers crossed will ya?

A freakin’ C, pffffft!

I finally registered for classes next semester, which was no easy feat with the persnickety online registration system btw, but I conceded that I had procrastinated long enough so I rallied the gumption to figure the damn thing out and I got-r-done. I’ll be taking comp 2 (academic writing and research) with the same writing prof. that I had this semester, Basic Oral Communication (public speaking), World Literature, and Mathematics in Society (the absolute lowest level math class I could get away with). Math isn’t exactly my strong point if you couldn’t tell, and thank goodness I only have to take this one math course, and no accounting or anything like that, woohoo! There will be some statistics courses, but I’m purposefully not thinking about that right now. I’ve also decided on my minor, which I’m apparently required to have according to my advisor. Who knew? I checked out a few things of interest but quickly decided upon sociology after some review of the kewl courses. I’m sooo looking forward to upper level classes in both psych and sociology! Criminology, abnormal psychology, theories of personality, I LOVE this stuff! I actually toyed with the idea of switching my major to sociology and minor to psychology, but if I want to get my masters and eventually go into a counseling setting then I’ll need to stick with psych.

Well, new chick did not catch preggers. Duh, no surprise there but at least it supplied Bub with a few solid days of much needed drama. Of course Em then asks me (since I was the one to break this news to her) why he bothered to tell her if he wasn’t sure cuz she had just started getting used to the idea. Good question baby, hmmmm. He also already hates his job and wants to quit and move back to Arkansas. No surprise there either, it was just a matter of time. Not a lot surprises me anymore; Bub’s antics aren’t worth the waste of norepinephrine. I suppose once you’ve been on the roller coaster long enough the thrill fades and you just settle in to the dips and turns. Or you just wanna get the hell off! ;-)


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Hmm. I'd say it's worth talking to your teacher about it. I was in a similar situation last year (got a C when I had had B during the whole semester), and it turned out that the teacher had graded my English level on 5 points instead of 10 before converting everything, which of course lowered my overall grade. Unfortunately, by the time I found the courage to talk to him about it, it was already too late to change the grade at the administrative level. So it's worth a try. (And even if you really have bombed something and it wasn't a grading mistake, at least you'll know what it was, and will be able to work on it later on if needed.)

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