Friday, December 07, 2007

Okay, so now that I’ve spilled the beans I’m not quite sure what else to say. How do I follow an admission of that caliber y’know? Thank you everyone, for all the advice and encouraging me to go for the blush, I needed to hear that. Who knows if anything will actually come of this though, he’s long distance (we met online of course, y’all know how antisocial I am), but we’ll see, I have time. I suppose, if nothing else, just knowing that I could allow myself to be open to the possibility again is huge, and perhaps something I needed to realize before my official cat lady ordainment took place. Anyway, ‘nough of that, there I go blushing again… ;-)

Its been super busy around here, papers due, tests to take, ug. Why exactly do professors find it necessary to squeeze on last test in there the week before finals? Is that funny to them in some sick, twisted way? I’m obviously not amused. I’ve only cried once though, so by that measure I’m doing quite well. Classes are over for the semester, I just have to make it through finals next week and I’m finished until January. The break will be nice and much needed, I can assure you. Work has been terrible, but only in the sense that there’s been none. Things typically dry up around this time of year because our client’s budgets do as well. Y’know, its funny, I knew this would likely happen yet I simply failed to consider the impact it would have on me. Last year I still had the church lady job so even though it was tight, it certainly wasn’t devastatingly so. This year? Well let’s look on the bright side; at least I’ve had ample time to devote to papers, tests and my upcoming finals. I’ve also decided that life would be considerably easier were it not for all that pesky work getting in the way. Ahhh, to be independently wealthy… Oh well, anything worth having is worth working for. So on we go.


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Sounds like it's been a busy and interesting semester of school and life for you and Em. Glad to hear that everything seems to be going well. You must be VERY glad that this semester is coming to an end and you will have some time to relax and enjoy the holidays.
I hope you get some time blushing during the holidays too!
It looks like your re-birth as a self sufficent single woman is going great. At least for us looking in through your blog. It may not be easy but nothing worth having is easy. Keep working hard, being a good mom and always go for the blush.


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