Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina and Whisker's plight

I cannot fathom the kind of devastation that Katrina's wrath has left behind. My heart physically aches at the sight of the hellish images and the stories of heroism and despair, yet I am drawn to the pictures and survivor recounts, seemingly unable to turn away. I am reminded a bit of 9/11, although not to nearly the same extent, I'm not sure anything could quite match that horrifyingly infamous day. It does seem a lot like the Tsunami, as one paper reported, but it's different. Maybe because it's here, just one state away from me, that it's affected me more deeply, perhaps it's just hitting closer to home. My god, what are these poor souls to do? How do you even begin to clean up and start over after something like that? Their lives will be forever, unequivocally changed. It's just too much.

We had a bit of alarming news yesterday, although it seems a bit silly to write about in comparison, it is still affecting us personally, so I guess I will share it. Two little girls (about 9 or 10) showed up at our door, asking about the cat (Whiskers) they saw sitting in the window. Apparently one of their friends had lost a cat fitting her description, and had begged them to come see if it was, indeed hers. Well, she's one in the same, her name used to be Gracie. I explained that she sort of adopted us, showing up on our carport one day, and not leaving since. We assumed that with no collar and her physical state of malnourishment, that she must be a stray. So, after much consideration, we brought her in, cleaned her up, got her shots, and planned to keep her as our own. Of course, we've become quite attached to her and the thought of giving her up now... well I just don't wanna! She's such a love, and has the most wonderful temperament. And she really just feels like part of the family already. Whaaaaa! >:( So, I gently suggested that perhaps their friend (Whisker's original owner) might accept a kitten in Whisker's place, since she's made herself so at home here. I hope I wasn't wrong in doing so, but I just had to try. Had she been wearing a collar when she first showed up, we absolutely would have returned her to her owner, without question. But this situation is different, and I feel like Whiskers picked us and has been happily making this her home for quite some time now. I can't help but think of the little girl though, she didn't ask for this to happen, even if more could have been done to prevent it. So, if she insists, much as I hate the thought of it, I know what must be done. Sigh... Oh how I hope she wants a kitten instead! What little girl wouldn't want a kitten, right??


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