Monday, August 29, 2005

Puppy love, already??

So, according to his mother, the little boy whose birthday party we attended Saturday evening, apparently has a maaaaaaajor crush on my Emmy. Oh CRAP! They are 8 years old! I'm not really going to have to start dealing with this stuff already, am I? Can't my baby remain a sweet, innocent, totally crush free, little girl for at least a little bit longer?? One of the other mothers was saying how she just had to buy her daughter her first training bra, and that she's already beginning to show signs of pre-pubescent hormones kicking in. OMG! They're 8! Okay, calm down, this kind of stuff was going to start happening sooner or later, I can handle this. Plus, I figure I've still got a few more years on the hormone stuff since I didn't begin my own cycle until around 12. I've heard that daughters usually start around the same time as their mothers, and I followed that same pattern with my own mother, so hopefully Emmy will follow suit.

I gotta admit though, the little boy is awfully cute, and so sweet and polite! He's been in the same class as Em for three years in a row now, sits at the same table as her, and he's in the Gifted & Talented and Accelerated Reading programs with her as well. You'd think they'd be sick of each other by now!! Oh well, puppy love, what can you do?? Oy vei!

Anyway, Em had a blast at the pool party, and thoroughly enjoyed beating the crap out of the pinata. And when it was over, she didn't want to leave, (of course) and even gave me a little lip about it! That little knuckle head! But we quickly resolved that issue in the car and I don't expect to have a problem about it again (I hope!).

We took Em to the park on Sunday, which was nice since a weather front has come through, and the stifling heat has let up a bit. It was low 90's with a slight dry breeze, rather than 100 with high humidity. Still not optimal, but certainly better than it has been lately. It's been strange having my husband around for these outings more often now that he's "working from home" more. It can make for a very tense trip as Em and I spend a great deal of time walking on eggshells around him. It's much more enjoyable when we're able to let go and just be ourselves, but I guess this is something that we really need to get used to, since I don't see it returning to normal any time soon. Anyway, after the park we went to Subway for lunch where I convinced the nice lady behind the counter to build me an absolutely ginormous salad filled with all sorts of yummy veggies and a serving of chicken breast strips. They're too good to me there! In fact, I think she almost got a kick out of seeing how full she could get salad bowl and still be able to fit the lid on top. I sure does likes me some salad! I'm also seeing how eating more meals with my husband is becoming an ever increasing problem. He seems driven to ply Em with sweets and junk food at every turn, almost like he's rebelling against the sense of healthy lifestyle that I'm trying so hard to instill in her. His argument is that kids eat that kind of crap all the time, always have, and always will, and it's not gonna kill 'em. HELLO, have you heard how the childhood obesity rate has skyrocketed in the last several years? Do you not want her to live a long healthy life, and at least have a fighting chance against the crappy fat genes she's inherited from the both of us? It really doesn't make sense to me, but then again, when I was in denial about my weight and lifestyle, (as he is about his) I didn't put much emphasis on nutrition when it came to her either. I just didn't give much thought to the food we were eating, period. But it feels different from him, perhaps because of his spiteful nature, it seems almost like he's punishing me for expressing a different view on the subject. I dunno, maybe I'm reading more into it than there really is, but I can't help but wonder.


Anonymous Jilly said...

Boyfriends and training bras at 8? What's this world coming to ... sigh. Yes, calm down and enjoy these years while you can, because before you know it she'll be a teen and then you'll really know what giving lip is about. Then they'll be the hormonal mood swings, staying out late at night and boys calling at all hours. Come to think of it though, I never did go through any of that with my daughter, I'm just remembering MY teens. I recall, you were a bit of a wild teen yourself and now those memories will come back to haunt you. ;)

As for your hubby's attempts to undermine your efforts to teach Em good nutrition, I can't imagine he'd jeopardize his daughter's health to spite you for improving yours (or in another attempt to exert control). I think you're probably right about him being in denial about his own weight and lifestyle and figuring sweets and junk won't harm Em. Hopefully your influence, rather than his, will be what she absorbs.

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