Thursday, August 11, 2005

One of "those" days and Whiskers' homecoming.

Ack, it's turning into another one of "those" days. DH (insert whatever you like for the D, I know I do) has been ever present with his self-righteous attitude in full force today. That man has the uncanny ability to suck the very life-force right out of me with the mere use of his simple, yet powerful words. He seems to know all the best ways to dig at me and bring the insecurities about myself and my personality to the surface. Which leaves me questioning myself, perhaps I don't think or do things correctly, perhaps I really am selfish and uncaring, and only think of myself? Perhaps that's a crock of shit that this manipulative man uses to keep me second guessing myself so I'll always be weak and lacking self confidence. Yea, that sounds more like it. Ugh, what have I gotten myself into?

Momma Whiskers and babies have all been to the Vet today and are now resting comfortably in a brand, spanking new kitty bed in the corner. We're thrilled to have them all safe and sound inside the house where we can oooh and ahhh over them whenever we want. We'll be taking some pics soon so I'll have to post one or two of them here when we do. The Vet said Whiskers is in perfect health, although a bit underweight from her time on "the streets", but we'll take care of that and fatten her up in no time. She's now had her shots, been de-fleaed and fitted with a new collar sporting a heart-shaped "Whiskers" tag that my daughter picked out just for her. Now comes the true test to see just how well Whiskers plans to behave herself in her new surroundings. But she has the most pleasant temperament and has shown nary a sign of aggression in the entire time we've known her. So I don't think she will prove to be a problem kitty in the slightest, unless you find fat laziness to be problematic!! At any rate, I believe our Whiskers is looking forward to a long life of tummy rubs and ear scratchings just as much as we are, and probably even more!


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