Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yay, Jilly's back!!

It's so good to have you back safe and sound my friend! Even if you were faced with a monumental mess upon your homecoming, I would have just crawled under a rock and hid from the world had it been my house! Also, thank you for not going there with me. You're going to need your own Dr. Phil intervention to reconstruct your tongue after having to bite it so much on my behalf! But I truly do appreciate it, more than you'll ever know.

P.S. I will keep an eye on it, I promise!

Thanks for checking in on me Luflic! I absolutely intend to post every day, yet there are just those days where I can't seem to manage it, no matter what I do. But it warms my heart just to know you're looking out for me, thank you so much!

Now, for a little rant! Sometimes I feel like such a schmuck. I hate it when I do really stupid things that very easily could have been avoided, and I tend to dwell on them and have a hard time letting it go. These are nothing major, but there are two incidences from the last two days that I'm just kicking myself over. Okay, first things first, we operate on a pretty tight budget, which I'm fine with, but I absolutely HATE to waste money! If I had my way we'd probably be pretty well off because I would have saved everything that wasn't absolutely necessary for living expenses. But that's not the way it works around here so I pinch my pennies where I can. Anyway, day before yesterday, I went to the store to pick up a few sale items on frozen goods and beef, which I had coupons for and got a pretty darn good deal! But I was in a hurry and had my mind on other things, so when I got home I rushed right inside to get dinner started. Yes, that's right, leaving the frozen foods and meat out in the car in 95 degree heat! Ugh! For some reason the forgotten groceries just popped into my mind at about 10:30 that night, so I ran out to check and sure enough there they were, all nice and warm and completely ruined! Yeah, I said some not so nice words and slammed a few things, I was PISSED! What a waste, and no one to blame but myself. I think that's the real kicker, ya know? The fact that I was the one who screwed up and cost us money, because I'm usually so good about that. Oh well, people make mistakes, and I am certainly no exception! The other thing that happened comes down to one of my basic personality flaws that just irritates me to no end. I took Em for her haircut (which turned out totally adorable, IMO!) and when it was time to pay, the woman said that'll be $12.95. Well, the sign clearly says $8.95 for a kid cut, which I promptly pointed out. So she says, that's because I blow dried it. WTF! Did I ask you to blow dry it? NO! Did you ask me if I wanted you to blow dry it? NO! Did you ever once mention that it would cost more if you did blow dry it? NO! Now, I know that this is just a matter of 4 bucks here, but like I said, I'm miserly and I'm on a budget! Plus the money is beside the point, my problem is that she didn't ask first, and that's not okay! So what did I do, you ask? Not a goddamned thing! This is the part that really gets my goat. I was like, "oh..., okay" and handed the woman 13 dollars! Ugh, smacks head, kicks self in butt! Why didn't I say anything?? Why did I just let this underhanded woman rip me off and not say a single thing about it? Why is it so damn hard for me to just stand up for myself? Geez, I can be such a freaking doormat sometimes, I just let people run right over me, and don't do a thing about it. This is something I have got to fix, it affects all aspects of my life, and I'm not okay with that. I cannot allow myself to be run over like this for the rest of my life. So, now the question is, what am I gonna do about it? Hmmmm, good question.


Blogger Luflic said...

I feel your pain about the groceries. I too beat myself up when I do something stupid. It is always easier to forgive others than ourselves.
As far as the haircut goes. I would write them a letter or give the manager a call. Just state your case and say I didn't want to create a scene but I was expecting to pay $8.95. You never know they might give you a refund or even a coupon for free cut. It is amazing how much a letter can resolve. You have a great way with words so hey girl get to writing!

1:46 PM  
Blogger Dawnyal said...

I've done the same thing with the groceries and after a few choice words, I think I broke down in tears.

I agree that you should at least call the manager and complain. Most places I've been to charge one price for a cut, a little more for cut and style and then more for the works but it's usually posted.

3:54 PM  

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