Friday, September 02, 2005

Em's B-day

Today is my baby's birthday- she's turning 8. We're not having her party until Monday (Labor Day) though, due to scheduling problems with some of the guests. We wanted to make sure all the kids she invited would be able to come since they're the ones she's most interested in anyways! The party is being held at our local roller rink, which also has an incredible playmaze. People have been asking what she wants, as if the child doesn't already have everything! I said I was thinking of digging some toys out of the bottom of her toy box, re-wrapping them, and offering them as brand new, like she would ever know the difference!! I don't guess that would go over too well though would it? Anyway, I picked her up some Floam, which she's been begging for, ever since she first saw the commercial for it, and this new Bratz doll, which she's absolutely going to flip her lid over! (I can't wait!) There are also a few other things she’s been asking for, but nothing nearly as exciting, so I won't list them all out. And I know my mom is getting her a gift certificate to the Build A Bear Workshop, which she's been pestering us to take her to for about a year now, so she's gonna absolutely love that! Shame on us over-indulgent adults! Oh well, her birthday only comes around once a year. But that doesn't really explain why we spoil her rotten the other 364 days of the year, now does it?! :D Anyway, I'm hopeful that everything goes smoothly (no drama please!) and that she's able to enjoy a wonderful, happy, peaceful birthday celebration.

Emmy has already put in the request for what she would like for her birthday dinner tonight. Here we go: (BTW, she is soooo my daughter!) Fettuccini Alfredo, baked chicken breasts, cheese garlic bread and corn. Sounds pretty darn good to me! Of course, I’ll be practicing stringent portion control, passing on the bread and corn, and opting for a nice big salad instead. I'd also like to get her a cupcake for dessert but DH has a "thing" about only celebrating holidays and birthdays at one time, (he doesn't believe there should be multiple celebrations just for convenience sake) which in this case will be her party on Monday, so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't approve. But I'm going to try to do something special anyway to acknowledge this being her actual birthday. Maybe if I didn't put a candle in it, just offered a cupcake for dessert, it wouldn't constitute a violation? I dunno, but I'd like to get her a balloon too, hmmmm, we'll see.

DH's presence has been almost intolerable the last two days. It's been less oppressive for the past week or two, but the last two days, he's been in "a mood" which means he’s been overly self-defensive, increasingly hard to please, and generally argumentative. Sometimes I think he intentionally seeks out a good sparring match in an effort to boost his ego, since he knows he'll always win. I hate games. I am so over high school bullshit drama. But I've noticed that his family seems to thrive on it, so even though he says he can't stand it either, I think it's so deeply ingrained in him that he doesn't even realize he's doing it. Okay, that's enough, I'm not gonna waste any more of my time bitching about this today, it's really just not worth it.


Anonymous Jilly said...

Happy Birthday to Emmy! Give her a big hug from me! Sounds like she's going to be one lucky little lady with lots of presents and a fun party ~ well why not? She deserves it!

Sorry the DH (what does that stand for? Dastardly Hubby?) is acting up even more than usual. Wish you could tell him to "stuff it" and just walk away from him when he starts his nonsense.

I'm still waiting to hear if that little girl showed up to claim Whiskers (aka Gracie) or is accepting a kitten instead ~ c'mon the suspense is killing me :)

5:53 PM  
Blogger Luflic said...

Happy Birthday to Em. Wow you sound like a wonderful mother Bev. Emmy is a very fortunate eight year old. Have a great party Monday! May it be a roaring success. I too want to know the plight of Whiskers.

1:41 PM  

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