Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sorry the lighting sucks, but this is Whiskers and little Precious! Awwww, so sweet! I just had to snap a shot while they were laying there, cuddled up so cutely. I told Bub last night that I was possibly considering keeping Precious, but would have to let him know. I knew he'd be fine with it since he's wanted to keep her ever since she got sick, and I KNOW Em will be all for it, so I asked him not to mention anything to her until I was sure I was ready to commit to it. I still don't know about having a kitten around, but I am warming up to the idea. I guess I should explain my reservations, ugh? We've had a kitten before, a psycho, mean little bitch of a Siamese named Angel of all things, and I vowed never to have a kitten again after we finally had to relinquish her to the humane society due to her incessant biting and attacking. It was not a pleasant experience, and I didn't want to go through it again. But I have to admit, little Precious really is nothing like Angel. She has the sweetest personality and temperament, just like her momma, and is actually much more affectionate than Whiskers ever has been. She plays and is hyper, like any kitten should be, but when she wrestles with us and play nibbles, she never uses force and doesn't hurt us at all. So, I guess if I'm gonna be willing to give this another go, then at least she is the right kitty for the job. I can't help but remain a bit weary since our previous experience was so horribly bad, but I am willing to try, and I guess only time will tell how things will end up.

In other news, this has been red ribbon drug awareness week at school, so Em has been participating in all the various activities to show support in substance abuse prevention. Monday was red day, which is the signature color of the program, so she adorned all the red things she could find. Tuesday was hat day, so she decorated a big, floppy pink hat with two little antenna, a big white and pink flower, and a string of colorful beads attached around the brim. Wednesday was inside out and backwards day, so all of her clothes were worn inside out and backwards, except she gave up on the pants about halfway through the day 'cause she was having too much trouble zipping and buttoning the damn things. Today was pajama day, which she has most been looking forward to. She wore the ones she planned to wear to bed last night, so all she had to do was slip on her shoes this morning and she was ready to go. And tomorrow is school spirit day, so she spent all afternoon yesterday, decorating a white t-shirt with school sayings and the mascot, and all sorts of other festive little drawings. It turned out really cute and she is quite pleased with herself for the finished product.

Now that this week is drawing to a close, her next big countdown it totally geared toward the greatly anticipated evening of Halloween! She's going as a ghost this year, complete white face pant and black lipstick and nailpolish. She is totally pysched, mainly for the candy but who can blame her, what kid isn't? But also for the excitement of it all. We always go trick or treating to a great neighborhood here in town that really comes together and gets into the spirit. Lots of elaborately decorated houses with fog machines and various activities. Like, each year, one of the families sets up a covered table with an assortment of creepy feeling things hidden underneath, and you have to reach your hand in and try to guess what it is. Ewwwww! This is also the neighborhood where Em's Kindergarten teacher resides, so we make it a point to visit her house each year and say hello. In fact, the reason we come to this neighborhood is because Ms. Jennifer (the afore mentioned Kindergarten teacher) sends home a notice with all of her students, inviting them to come see her in costume and trick or treat in her neighborhood. She is a fantastic lady, very caring and involved, and one of my favorite teachers of Em's so far.

Well, I guess that's the gist of the excitement going on in my life right now. But, as you all know so well, that's just about all the excitement this chick would care to handle! Nice and quiet, and uneventful. Just the way I like it!! ;D


Anonymous Sandi said...

My Dear Beverly. I must tell you that after reading your million dollars post, I am reminded of what an amazing, special and giving person you are. Not alot of people would be so excited at the thought of winning a bunch of money so that they could improve other people's lives. You are one special lady.

They say addictive/obsessive people exchange one addiction/obsessive behavior for another. Hey, better that than the alternative. I think you are very smart to consider and plan for the unexpected. My hub doesn't do very well when life is unplanned, so I know excatly where you are coming from on that. I have even learned to call him the minute something chages, so he has time to process the change.

The picture is pretty dark. Would you mind e-mailing it to me? You know I love kittens!!

Love ya!!!

12:51 PM  
Blogger Dawnyal said...

awww such a cute pair.

Chris has been participating all week in the dress up thing as well. They just changed tomorrow's from favorite team day to their halloween party. They had their school day on Monday (probably because it is the redskins and they have red in the color).

2:15 PM  

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