Friday, November 04, 2005

We have a wedding to go to tonight. Bub's former employee asked him to stand in as his best man because he's a loser and has no real friends, so Bub begrudgingly accepted, thinking that the relationship would never last (long story there) and he wouldn't actually have to attend. Well, guess what? Yup, and they asked Emmy to be the flower girl as well, so of course, she's totally pumped and thinks this will be loads of fun! I, on the other hand, am so completely anti-social, that I am just dreading the event and hoping it will be over with quickly. It will be fun to see Em having so much fun and all dressed up though. I got her a lovely blue and lavender (lavender being the wedding color) floral print dress from a local consignment shop (for $6.00!!), and fashioned a pretty little purple headband with lavender silk flowers attached all around. Too cute!

I also picked up some new shorts from the clearance racks at Walmart yesterday for only $3.00 (ya gotta love the clearance racks at Walmart!). I had been on the lookout for some long, thigh covering, stretch denim shorts all summer long, but never quite found what I was looking for. These weren't exactly what I wanted either, but for 3 bucks, I just couldn't pass 'em up. They're from the junior section, so they're a little more "low ride" than I would normally like, but I always wear long shirts so I don't think my granny panties poking out of the top will be too much of a problem. They also came with an ugly black belt, which I quickly discarded, blek! I'm definitely not a belt girl. Maybe some day, if I ever get this skin removed, and actually wear something revealing enough for a belt to show, well I guess then we'll talk. But then I'd have to get rid of the granny panties too, wouldn't I? Eh, forget it then!

It's been a pretty quiet day around here. Some idiot cut through important cables or something with a backhoe, so all of my work email and website stuff is completely down, and has been since yesterday. Since most of my work is done via email and the internet, there's not really a whole lot to do until it gets fixed. Most of the calls I'm taking are spent telling the user how I can't actually help them, and asking them to please call back on Monday. I'm guessing Monday will be totally hectic, trying to play catch up in order to compensate for this down time, YIPPY! Hmmmm, I'm feeling a bit cynical today, could you tell?! ;D Anyway, I wish I had something more interesting to talk about, especially since I'm trying to pass the time, but I'm not much in one of those profoundly inspiring moods to ramble about my life choices or losing weight and maintenance. I seem to bounce back and forth between these things a lot, just depending on what mood I'm in at the time. Some days I'm thinking up stuff to write about left and right, and find it difficult to get everything I want to say out before I forget it. And other days, I'm doing good just to come up with one boring 'ol pointless topic. I don't guess it matters though, since this is just a space for me to ramble about what ever happens to be in my head, whether there's something worthwhile floating around in there or not!

Anyway, I think I'm gonna close for now, as I must mentally prepare myself for this ridiculous wedding tonight. JK! I really just don't have anything else of interest to say. Man! Do I need a freakin hobby or what?! ;D


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