Saturday, November 11, 2006

Aw rats, I’ve been busted!! My long distance provider sent me a letter saying that I’m over using my "unlimited" nationwide calling plan and that they’re gonna switch me to a 10 cent per minute plan unless I call to set up a different plan to “better meet my needs”. Ug. Well, I guess I can’t really expect them to approve of using a residential line for telemarketing huh? Gee, wonder what tipped them off? Perhaps the 16 pages worth of 1 minute phone calls all over the country? Gee, ya think? Oh well, I suppose I’ll either have to shell out A LOT more dough and switch over to a business line, or go with something like Vonage, yippee! And y’know what’s interesting? I’m not stressing and freaking out about it. Sure, it sucks monkey butt, but that’s life. What can I do about it? Yup, I likes me some Paxil, good stuff I tell ya! ;D

Bub’s having a yard sale this weekend. He asked if I wanted to put anything in it, and if I would help him go through our storage building and haul stuff back to his house with my van. Ugh, helping him move, arrange, go through stuff was always one of my least favorite things to do with him. Nothing Em or I could ever do was right during these horribly stressful excursions. Constantly critical, demanding, easily irritated, and an overall joy to be around, as usual. So y’know what I did? I said no. I was nice about it of course, but I declined to help. Woohoo! He ended up getting his roommate to help and they borrowed my van, but that was fine by me as long as I didn’t have to participate. Ahhhh… Have I mentioned lately how elated I am not to have to live with crap like this anymore? :)

I got to see a grown-up movie last night, woohoo! Em spent Friday night with Bub to help with the yard sale Saturday morning, so I took the opportunity to go to the movies all by my lonesome, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Stranger Than Fiction was really good, though I expected it to be more of a comedy than the dramatic comedy that it turned out to be. But I didn’t care, it was a grown-up movie. Movie going is one of the things I’ve missed most since becoming a mom. Sure, we went to a lot of movies, but we were never ones to leave Em with a babysitter (or anyone for that matter) so our movie choices typically had to be kid friendly, especially after she got old enough to understand and be interested in the film. Un-kid related side note, but I also REALLY missed being able to sit where I wanted, in the back of the theater, instead of right up front so Bub could see better. I always came away from the theater with a crick in my neck and a terrible headache. So last night I got to sit in the very back row, and enjoyed the whole thing crick and headache free for a change, ahhhhh. :)

I stopped by Bub’s yard sale this morning and bought myself a Conair Thermal Spa from one of his roommates for five bucks. It was freezing out because a cold front came through last night and poor Em was turning into a popsicle despite being thoroughly bundled up. A friend of hers from down the street had come over to sit with her and keep her company until Bub got on to Em for playing with her friend instead of helping with the yard sale like he expected her to. Among other things, he told her that he didn’t have time to babysit her today, so she’d better go home with me unless she was ready to work. Naturally, after his “talk”, she opted to go home with me despite how excited she had been about helping with the yardsale. I can’t say that I blame her, we could both see how the day was gonna go had she stayed. So we took the friend home with us and now they’re happily playing in her room. Ahhh, life is good… :)


Blogger Sandi said...

Congrats on saying no to helping Bub out. Why do we always feel so obligated to always say "yes" to everything and everyone!?!?

Glad you got some Bev time @ the movies. Sure wish I lived down the street...I'd have gone with you.

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