Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We took Em to the state fair this weekend. My eats could have been better, though I don’t know how much considering the dismal array of crappy food I had to choose from. But I knew what to expect and decided before hand not to worry too much about it. Of course I didn’t neeeeed that fudge with walnuts, but hey, shit happens. I did start to feel a little bit bingy due to the “it’s too late now” philosophy that I’m sure we’re all quite familiar with. Especially since I went for a comfort food choice for dinner (bread bowl with creamy Mexican chicken soup) because of my cold, exhausted, headachy state of mind after a veeeeeery long day. So when I got home, the No Pudge brownies Em and I made on Saturday were really calling to me, and I did go ahead and have two very small ones (I cut them into 20 instead of 12 pieces) but then something interesting happened; I just stopped. I’m not sure why exactly, since I was definitely feeling that familiar feeling, but I just stopped. I guess I figured I had done enough damage and didn’t need to make matters any worse. Plus, I think I’m just over that crap now, but not in the sense that I don’t have a problem with it anymore, cuz I know I always will. More like, I’m tired of the whole binge scene and I’m soooooo over it, KWIM? So that was that, I ate some crappy food but it could have been worse, and now I’m done and tomorrow is a brand new day. That’s life. Of course, I’ll just leave out the part about tying one on at the Chinese buffet the next night since General Tsao’s calories obviously don’t count. They don’t count… right? ;D Hey, it’s Chinese, whaddaya expect?!

The fair was good, chilly and windy, but good. As long as it’s not hot I’m happy. Bub was a little “Bub-like” at first, but he loosened up and didn’t end up ruining the day as he so easily could have and has done countless times before. Em bravely rode a lot of the big rides, including one of those where they lift you up a tower and then just drop you without warning, bleh. And we did all the spin and pukes (my favs) until our age (Bub’s and mine) caught up with us and we were spun and puked out. Em, of course, could have gone on indefinitely, but what else is new? All in all, it was a nice time, so I’m happy with that.

This week brought parent teacher conferences and Em's first report card for fourth grade. All A’s, even math, which she’s been struggling with at bit this year. Both her regular teacher and her gifted and talented teacher had nothing but praise for her academically. Although her regular teacher, Mrs. Young, did mention some excessive talking and cattiness with the other girls, but that’s pretty typical of Em. Overall, we’re extremely pleased and very proud as always, and we plan to reward her in some way for all her hard work and effort, as she obviously deserves it. I also took an instant liking to her gifted and talented teacher, Mr. Corbitt (this was the first time I had actually met him). Very laid back, young(er), fun, and not too hard on the eyes either, I might add. :) Em likes him a lot too, much better than the GT teacher she had last year who was an older lady that Em described as grouchy more often than not. She had been kind of nervous about having a male teacher for the first time this year, but it looks as though her fears were for naught as Mr. Corbitt has turned out to be a pretty cool dude. Much the same way Mr. Deja proved his worth to me in third grade when I was harboring the same unfounded fears. And who, to this day, remains one of my all time favorite teachers. Of course, he did spoil me for my next male teacher, Mr. Thompson. Now that guy was truly an ass! Oh well, can’t win ‘em all I guess.


Anonymous Aunt Sandy said...

Wow! that was a huge decision you made about it being time to be OVER the binging. I can totallt relate. Great job!
So glad to hear that the fair was tolerable as well. I know how you hate hot weather.
Congrats to Em! Great reportcard!

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am fighting my demons with food right now also. Not really fighting just enjoying. I need some minor surgery and have been having health issues and finding comfort with food.

I am a retired teacher and it is well known that fourth grade girls get very catty. Take solace in the fact that this is a phase and will pass.

Congrats on her wonderful grades.

6:09 PM  
Blogger Sandi said...

You just stopped. You didn't make yourself stop, you didn't throw the brownies away, you just stopped. That's so awesome Bev!!!

Fairs are so much fun, but they can be real demons when it comes to food. I can never find the grilled chicken with roasted vegtables booth!!

Congrats to Em for her great grades! That's awesome!!

11:50 AM  

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