Monday, November 27, 2006

YAY, the Durango finally sold! Well, we’re not actually getting the money till Friday, but it will be in CASH, and it’s enough to pay off the principle aaaaaand the credit cards I used to bring the payments current and get some maintenance done. I had been fully prepared to write off the amount I had to put on my credit cards in the hopes that we at least get enough to cover the principle, so the fact that we’re getting enough to take care of everything just tickles me pink. Whew, what a load off, y’know? So that, plus my FINAL van payment coming up in December, well, things really are starting to look up for me financially in a way that I haven’t been able to enjoy, ummmm… ever! And by that I mean SAVINGS. Actually being able to pay ALL of my bills (on time) and put a little money into savings each month! Perhaps there really may be a house somewhere on my horizon??

Okay, so Thanksgiving. Y’know, I was really planning to expound on Bub’s eternal idiocy once again. I was gonna write all about his very irritated early morning rant/lecture to me about all of my apparent shortcomings as a human being because I was once again failing to communicate with him properly or support him adequately enough in his first attempt at turkey roasting. But y’know what? Quite honestly, it’s just more of the same ‘ol shit, so really, need I go there yet again? Y’all know what a raving lunatic he is. And even if you can’t fully comprehend the tiny nuances of what a conversation with him is truly like when he feels he’s been wronged in some way, it’s okay. Because I no longer need that validation that his behavior is unacceptable and that I don’t have live with it anymore. I get that. Thus the separate addresses. ;D He is who he is, and he’ll always be in my life one way or another, I can accept that. But by golly, at least I have a life to look forward to now. Anyway, Thanksgiving (and the turkey) turned out fine. We played cards with his parents, ate pie, mmmmmm piiiiiiie, and all was well.

Then I got to go to my brother and SIL’s house for another Thanksgiving (leftovers) feast on Saturday. Now that was nice! Em played with her cousins, we yakked and yakked, no tension, no yelling, (except to tell the kids to cool it!) just a nice, relaxing time. We wrapped up some food to take to my granny in the nursing home and wish her a happy Thanksgiving, but unfortunately, she was feeling under the weather and not up for the company. My SIL asked one of the nurses to put the food in the fridge for her to enjoy later, but we both suspected that it wouldn’t make it much past the night shift crew. Bummer. I didn’t even get to hug her because she thought she might have something viral and said we should keep our distance. :( But after our disappointingly brief visit, we decided to take advantage of the lovely, unseasonably warm weather and stop off at a local park before heading back to my bro. & SIL’s house.

Here’s the only pic that I felt comfortable posting since I’m not real keen on sharing pics of other people (especially their kids) without their knowledge and permission. My brother and SIL still don’t know about this blog (some of the seemingly few people left, I presume ;D) and I’d really like to keep it that way. I’m not totally sure why I’m still holding out on that front, but I guess I just want a little piece of something that I can keep for myself. Plus, they seem just a bit too close to home for my comfort level, KWIM?
Sunday, Em and I spent the entire day out, enjoying her last little bit of freedom before heading back to school today. We found a fabulous little park in a nearby city with a fishing lake, walking trails, playground equipment, etc. I think we spent the better part of an hour at the water's edge, just basking in the warm air, cool breezes coming off the lake, and serene quiet of mother and daugher working side by side on a mission to dig up, and add to our collection, every single little shell we could reach without taking an untimely plunge. She told me later that this was one of her very best days with me ever. It's funny how little it really takes to make kids happy, isn't it? And as we were leaving, we happened to spot a group (flock? who knows?) of ducks crowding around another park-goer sporting an irresistable bag of stale bread heels. I was immediately reminded of some of my fondest childhood memories of my brother and I taking drives with our grandpa out to the duck pond near my grandparents home with our own bags of stale bread heels. I miss him so. By far, one of the finest men I will ever know. I, of course, have every intention of bringing Em back with her very own bag of stale bread heels just as soon as possible.


Anonymous jilly said...

Wonderful news on the financial front!! It just makes life that much easier, doesn't it?

I'm so glad you can accept that Bub's just a big blob of ridiculousness and not let him interfere too much with how you live your life. Like you said ~ he'll always be there in some capacity, but he doesn't have any power over you anymore. Yay!

Its so nice that Em acknowledged how much she enjoyed her day with you and understands the meaning behind simple pleasures. You're doing such a good job with her!

9:37 PM  
Blogger Dawnyal said...

Glad to hear that headache is gone for you and things are looking up. It sounds like you are handling bub so much better nowadays. Yay.

9:28 AM  
Blogger chryscat said...

I'm so pleased that you're trucking right along, woman.
Sounds like your and Em's holiday is on the right track.
I noticed your other blog was gone, but I'm pleased you've continued to journal down your thoughts. And that things are going so well.

1:51 PM  

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