Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bub’s back. He’s in a nasty little crime-ridden, drug-infested trailer park.. the only place that would take him with no reference or credit check and no deposit. How he plans to pay the rent next month I haven’t a clue, nor do I care. It was one thing after another before the move as he scurried about trying to pull his shit together. Can we stay at your place one or two nights? No. Can I use your credit card to secure the U-haul? No. Would you come get us in your van, I’ll pay you? Ha, suuuuuure! No. Can we borrow your van when we get into town? No. Can you? No. Will you? No. Have you? NO!!! Each met with a petulant ok, fine or whatever.

I’m tired. Work started back up in earnest this week… then stopped again. The project got temporarily put on hold because of some technical issues but we should be back to business by Monday. It’s funny, after my first real day back I realized that I had almost forgotten what it was like to work for a living. I certainly did enjoy my bum status while it lasted, except of course for those pesky bills that still needed paying. Hmm, oh yeah… those. But that’s what student loans are for right?

I’m getting into the swing of my first major research paper, this should be interesting. I’m researching the effects of implanted or false memories on patients, their families, and the psychiatric community. This was the topic of a much smaller paper I wrote last semester in psych so I’m using that as my starting point and delving in much deeper with this paper. I figured it couldn’t hurt to expand on something that I already had resources for, especially since I didn’t get to take it nearly as far as I would have liked in the smaller paper last semester. All else seems to be going well. I’m still plugging along and thoroughly enjoying the social interaction and semi-adult conversations. No, I don’t mean X-rated… well, most of the time. ;-)

Speaking of X-rated, it seems that new chick’s 18-year-old son has a “thing” for me. Um, ewwwww! He’s a cute kid and sweet and all but OMFG! Seriously awkward and creepy. He thinks I’m a MILF apparently, gee, how nice to know. I think I’ll stick with grown-ups though, thank you very much. Bub thinks it’s hilarious of course and eggs him on all the time. Lovely.

We got hit with some major wind here yesterday. Enough to send a good patch of my shingles flying and to take my mailbox off its post. Most of the houses in my area had minor to significant roof damage, luckily mine was on the minor side. I’ve found this wonderful local handyman who works fast and cheap so I called him and he was able to come out today and fix it in under 30 minutes for only $55.00. I also used him to fix my disposal and the front toilet last month for only $50.00, and on Christmas Eve no less! Talk about a deal. I’ve told him that he’s my guy for everything and that I’ll call him first. It seems the whole state got in on the action; below is a pic of my sil’s house, about 40 miles away.

Luckily it missed everything important, thank goodness!! Its funny too, she told me that they had already been talking about getting that tree removed… so there ya go! Karma baby. ;-)


Blogger Wien. said...

Three cheers for you and the word NO!!!! You rock the ex-wife world!!!


9:36 PM  
Anonymous aunt Sandy said...

NO is pretty easy isn't it? Good for you!

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Jill said...

Yep, sounds like "NO!" is getting easier and easier every time - I wonder when (if) he'll ever give up. btw, doesn't he (or she) have friends or family? You're neither!

The research paper sounds fascinating. This college thing is right up your alley, isn't it? So glad you made the opportunity happen.

Um, a MILF, eh? Congrats are definitely NOT in order, lol.

Glad your wind damage wasn't too severe. Pretty scary stuff (that pic of your sil's house is frightening!) Its always good to have an excellent handyman to rely on (until you're ready to have one actually on-site, that is ;)

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bev you cougar you! ;) Welcome to MILFland!

You and your NO's absolutely rock!! :):):)


2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask you Bev... how does Em feel about him being back?


11:28 AM  
Blogger Wien. said...

...and how do you feel about letting her spend the night with her dad in that nasty, crime and drug filled environment? Scares me.


5:24 PM  

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