Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wait, there's more...

He actually had the audacity to ask me if he could “borrow” my address in order to file for unemployment today. Since he’ll cease to have a viable address in the very near future he thought he’d just use mine instead. Um, hellooooooo? So I quickly began listing off all of the other alternatives he could go with, none of which were acceptable because none were what he wanted from me. In the end I simply said I’m sorry Bub, I just don’t feel comfortable with that, which was met with stunned silence as he waited for me to acquiesce like I was supposed to do. I didn’t. Then, knowing how intense his displeasure for me likely was at that moment, I asked, “was that all you needed?” “Um… I guess so.” dripping with contempt and still awaiting my compliance. Me- Okay, bye! Him- Whatever. Eeeeek! I’m sure I’ll get it for that one but dayum! As if I need to be caught up any further in his ever-evolving web of deceit. Especially since the FBI is probably watching my every move already. Just kidding, I’m sure they’re not really watching me… right?

I also decided it was best not to mention the fact that he wouldn't likely qualify for unemployment benefits anyway since he always engineers it so that he's a contractor rather than a full time employee. Nothing can be garnished from his wages that way and he doesn't bother to file taxes anyway so its always been a win win situation for him... until now that is. Bummer dude, tough luck. *snicker


Blogger Navigator of Life said...

You said no, good for you! You should be so proud of yourself, you have come a long way in the short time I have been reading your blog.
You had the courage to make the changes needed for your life to unfold in a whole new way.
Taking care of Bub is no longer your job, how wonderful is that?
I love reading you blog and look forward to seeing just how your life continues to unfold.


8:54 AM  
Anonymous alex said...

Handled perfectly. That was awesome... "was that all you needed?" :-D

1:23 PM  
Blogger Wien. said...

That's fantastic. You should be so proud of yourself for standing up for what is right for you and Em. As soon as he finds a new place or a new landing spot, rent a van and have his stuff moved out of your garage and left on his doorstep. Send a message that you're done harboring his stuff and his problems.
I don't think you'll have to pay for it later. You can always just hang up the phone.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Aunt Sandy said...

nuf said. too bad so sad.
Good for you! Now if he would just move away and stay away...

1:49 PM  
Anonymous jill said...

Unbelievable gall of the guy! He just doesn't get it, does he? Well, maybe now he does. Bravo for you!

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought it couldn't get any weirder..

Way to go Bev! With every NO you say to him, you get stronger and stronger.

And as far as getting it later? Nah. Remember YOU're in control. You can hang up/shut the door/blow off his e-mail, etc.



1:13 PM  

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