Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I got an A on my research paper, first time with no revisions. Although, and to be quite honest, I shouldn’t have; it wasn’t an A paper. But I’m not gonna argue, I just wasn’t expecting such low standards. I’m also giving my first real speech (on the same subject) in my speech class tomorrow. Yippee. Wha, sarcasm? Me? *grins.

I met with another lawyer today, and this one I’ll take. No chain smoking and this one was actually wearing a bra, go figure. It’s funny though; I’m realizing just how ridiculous my whole Bubba saga sounds when trying to explain it for the first time to someone new. As I’ve said before, you just can’t make this shit up, but dear lord how could it possibly be true? My mom said it is literally like a soap opera with so many twists and turns to keep track of that it’s just unbelievable. Unbelievable. Even I have a hard time wrapping my head around it sometimes too, and I live it! So I gave her the facts and just like the shrew, she said that it was pretty cut and dry; Bub doesn’t stand a chance. Which I knew, and I suppose I’ve always known, but actually taking this final step proves almost insurmountable nonetheless. Almost insurmountable. Its time to rip the band aid off once again, just like when I left, this has to be short and sweet and catch him by surprise lest I spend the rest of my life bending to his will. Because that’s all I’ve continued to do these last two years (exactly two years on 4/21), bend over backwards to keep from pissing him off, just like always. So in a sense I’ve been working up the gumption to take this step, just as I had to when contemplating my great escape so long ago. I had to come to it in my own time and with some strategically placed prodding, but I am now finally there. Took me long enough huh?! Sheesh

Plus it doesn’t hurt that my mom and stepdad offered to pay for my divorce if I would just get on with it already! My parents are the bombdiggity! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them. So the check is in the mail to pay my retainer fee, and once done Bub will be served, and then the shit will really hit the fan. Good times… not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Knew you'd get here sooner or later. The sooner you get Bub out of your's and Em's life the better. Sounds promising.
Aunt Sandy

6:13 PM  
Blogger unbelievable said...


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Blogger Wien. said...

This is the best news EVER! You are one tough mom, now go get him! I'm so excited for you and Em to be done with this ugly chapter and start a new life.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the A for your research paper!

Wow, its hard to believe its been two whole years since the great escape - try to think back to that day and imagine someone from the future telling that overwhelmed and frightened young woman that in two years time she'd be living in her own house and getting A grades on college research papers. How far you've come!

So glad you're going ahead and taking the final step to put a formal end to that marriage. Of course bub won't have the money or inclination to get counsel, so he'll probably try to deal directly with your attorney - she'll see first hand how his mind works. I'm sure she'll remind him not to have any direct communication with you or there'll be a restraining order. Oh, I'm sure some shit will hit the fan, but it won't land anywhere near you or he'll be trying to call someone for bail money.

1:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops, ^ ^ ^ that's me, Jilly :)

1:33 AM  
Blogger Navigator of Life said...

Unbelievable just how far you've come in two years... I can't believe that it was over two years ago that I started reading your blog. To say you've come a long way baby is putting it mildly. So much good stuff in two years, just it's hard to imagine just where you might allow yourself to go in two more years. Silly boy might even be more in the picture... Who knows?

8:28 AM  

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