Saturday, April 12, 2008

I picked up his police reports today so I could take them with me to the lawyer’s on Monday. They were an interesting read to say the least. Apparently his offenses were categorized as “Drunk or Insane” *snicker. The lady who printed them up for me at the police station took one look at the reports and said wow, this guy needs some help. Ya think? And as I was leaving the police station I told the chick behind the counter, “See ya next week.” implying of course that I’d be by to pick up another report after his next flip out. Sooo sassy, *grins.

He was released already; came home today. Which I’m sure only occurred because it was cheaper to treat him on an out-patient basis rather than in-patient since he has no insurance or viable means of support; God bless America. They also sent the suicidal man home with his very own prescription crazy medication. I suppose they thought handing him a loaded gun would have been a bit much. Hmmmm…

Em’s been quite the social butterfly lately. She has a new bff who fits her just right. This girl is sweet, accommodating, and is always perfectly happy to do whatever Em wants. See what I mean? Like bread and buttah, being that Em is a natural leader and her bff is a natural follower. Anyway, Em went home from school with said bff on Friday and just kinda stayed. I’ve met the parents, been to their house, and had bff over here several times too, so I’m kewl with the friendship and the family. Plus I’m always thrilled when Em can spend her free time just being a kid rather than dealing with Bub’s crap. It’s nice when I can get a mommy break and just be able to relax knowing that she won’t need deprogramming when she gets home. So what have I done with all this free time you ask? Not a damn thing! Unless you count copious amounts of peaceful slumber and generally unproductive dawdling. I suppose I could sweep or something… nahhhhh. ;-)


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Good luck with your Monday appointment. I hope all goes smoothly.


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