Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My POS car decided it had lived long and prosperous enough so it went to a better place today. Crap! I got in to take Em to school this morning (cuz she’s too lazy to drag her carcass outta bed in time for the bus) and the darn thing just wouldn’t start. Bleh. I sat there diligently trying just one more time, but alas, it was not to be. So I moped back inside dejected and frustrated while Em rejoiced at her sudden windfall. And I just about said to hell with it, she can go to school tomorrow. But the silly boy in all his practicality said, “why don’t you ask your neighbor to borrow their car?” Oh yeah, now why didn’t I think of that? I’ve become quite friendly with the cute couple across the street as Em plays with their oldest son (Eli, 6) daily. So I asked and of course she was happy to lend me her car for the quick trip cuz they’re good people that way. They are also the ones I plan to ask to look after the kitties while we’re in CA this summer. This, in turn, gives me motivation to really get the house looking nice since they’ll be letting themselves in while we’re gone to water and feed the babies. Motivation is a good thing. I digress. I don’t know what is wrong with the stupid car other than being beyond its prime, but chances are it will be costly and take far too long to fix. Lovely

Nothing new with Bub since he rarely tells me anything anymore, which I can’t say as I mind except for the lack of incredulous blog material. He’s on food stamps and is waiting to get back on disability (for his legal blindness), so we can all take comfort in knowing that our tax dollars are well at work here. Which probably wouldn’t be quite so annoying if he had ever actually paid taxes to cover the government assistance he is now trying to milk.

Em has been on this kick about wanting to live with Bub instead of me so she is going to stay with him some this summer since she seems to have forgotten what its like to live with the man. I think she needs a good dose of reality to remind her how good she really has it here. He’s stable (as he can be) right now so I feel its time for this hard lesson to be learned. I give it 2-3 weeks tops. And I won’t even let her come home for the first two weeks since I think she needs a good long stretch of daily living with daddy to get the full affect. I understand the pull to go there. She sees him in small doses right now and he devotes all of his time and attention to her when she’s there. What kid doesn’t want their parents’ undivided attention? He’s also on his best behavior since he doesn’t have her long enough to evoke his true colors. Well I give that about three days before the same ol’ daddy emerges. Maybe then boring old mom won’t look half bad, along with our nice little house in a kid ridden neighborhood where there’s no tension and expectation of perfection, not to mention working indoor toilets. Sounds pretty good to me anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And I won’t even let her come home for the first two weeks since I think she needs a good long stretch of daily living with daddy to get the full affect."

If after three or four days when Bub can't give undivided attention anymore and reverts to being himself in all his berating glory and she's learned a quick, hard lesson and phones BEGGING to come home, you'll relent though, right?

Its great to have great neighbours, isn't it? I, too, am blessed.

Damn car - just what you need. I guess things were just going along too smoothly. :P

Bet you're excited about your trips!!


11:36 AM  
Blogger B said...

yeah Jilly, you know me too well. I was giving the tough love thing a go, and it was almost convincing too wasn't it? lol

12:04 PM  

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