Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My tickets are booked… holy crap! I had a momentary freak out the other night, like “what the hell am I doing?” Deep breaths… It’s just a nice vacation with a very dear friend to a beautiful place, no biggie… right? Except that very dear friend is a certain silly boy who I’m kinda sweet on, *blush. My mom asked me if I was staying in a hotel while there. I thought I would die. She said, “Don’t be silly, you’re a grown woman, I just wanted to know.” So why do I feel like a silly little school girl who just got caught being bad? Oy vey. I’m too old for this shit.

Have you ever tried to type with a cat lounging across one of your arms? Not so easy. But she’s cozy and I don’t have the heart to kick her off me. I don’t, however, say excuse me and leave the room if I happen to walk in on one of them using the litter box like I’ve heard some do, lmao. I figure its my house, they can just deal. Of course I’m a door open kinda girl anyway, but I digress.

I may have mentioned that Bub moved, can’t remember. But he did, and omg. I was truly appalled by what I saw. I literally had a near panic attack driving home from dropping Em at that junkyard, I mean place. I’m trying to get pics and when I do I’ll post them. You just have to see this to believe it. She thinks its great, but what kid wouldn’t love roaming willy nilly through a junkyard? The new place is bigger at least. (Trying to find the positives here.) Of course the toilet doesn’t actually work, but hey, they can use the one next door. Are you fucking kidding me? I think my head might just explode.

Em and her bff decided it would be fun to paint the driveway today… with regular house paint. Wish I was joking. Hey, at least they didn’t paint the car. The kid didn’t realize that it wouldn’t just wash off, I get it. But dayum! She was very apologetic once she realized the significance of what she had done, and I figured its too late now, so no point in strangling her. Besides, it could have been worse, there was a deep red color and an atrocious blue/green to pick from as well, so all things considered, the beige wasn’t soooo bad. *smacks forehead, mommy needs a nap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good news about your trip! You will love it! And you will enjoy the time with the silly boy.

You have a good attitude about the paint! Not so sure I would be as calm about it. Using some paint thinner might help get it up.


7:23 AM  
Anonymous alex said...

Have a wonderful time and enjoy the vacation!

I'm glad the realization of how permanent the paint is was punishment enough and you didn't really need to get all pissed off. Get some turpentine from Home Depot and it should come off pretty easily. While you're there, maybe get Em some sidewalk chalk. ;-)

12:28 PM  
Blogger Wien. said...

Congrats on the vacation and I hope you have the best time ever. I'm also with Alex regarding the paint. The consequence/learning experience of helping to scrub the paint off with thinner is going to make a bigger point with Em than blowing up like a mom-volcano.
My first thought was to suggest sidewalk chalk. I don't think anyone can ever be too old for that art form.

2:59 PM  

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