Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So I get this random check in the mail from some court case which I assume to be a fraud but figure wth and look it up anyway. Turns out it was from a class action lawsuit about a credit card company sending text messages to customers even after opting out. So I call the number provided and low and behold, no participation was necessary, if you got any of the erroneous texts you were automatically included, hence the random and unexpected check. It was only a hundred bucks and it didn't bounce so wth, I'll take it!

On the bandwagon I am! Ate clean all day and now I gotta spend some time with my dear old friend the gazelle. If I can just stick with the workouts I know me well enough to know rest will follow. It truly sucks to be in a place where "starting over" is required. I honestly believed I'd never be here again; how's that for a reality check? It's nice to have the structure and to be tracking things again though. Holding myself accountable is key, if I can't see what I'm doing (or not doing) on paper then I don't have to face it. And by god it's time I faced it again!


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