Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes We Can

As much as it pleases me that another old white guy won't be running things around here for the next few years, it pleases me infinitely more that G.W.'s time is finally coming to an end. I only wish Sarah could have experienced the thrill as well. But I know she's been donning that radiant smile all evening from where ever she is. Its almost over girl, its almost over.

So yes, I did indeed meet the silly boy over the summer in CA. He was exactly as I expected him to be and he even ended up tagging along on a couple of family outings during the vacation. He'll be going back home to India soon and I'm sure we'll remain friendly as he settles into early retirement. Vacation was spectacular btw, the weather simply couldn't have been better. The drive there and back with four kids in one minivan was certainly an... experience and now I can say btdt, no need to repeat. I think those Wright brothers just may have been on to something there. Anyhoo, had I been a better blogger I might have actually posted some pics but seeing as how I still haven't sent Em's last year's school pics to my mom I'd say the chances are slim to none. I know, I suck.

I finally have enough work now, yay me! And despite my distaste for the jobs at least they'll suffice until I can find my way back through school and actually do something worthwhile for a living. Y'know, I really can't complain a whole lot though, my job(s) consist of connecting with people, finagling information out of them that they wouldn't ordinarily offer up, so its kind of fun and challenging in that respect. Is this me trying to make the best out of it? Perhaps, but whatever does the trick right?

I have almost zero contact with Bub anymore. Em still wants to see him periodically so I've allowed it on a limited basis and only with supervision. It appeases her while retaining control of the situation and I'm as comfortable with that as I can be I think. Oh, here's some news regarding Bub. Instead of getting a real job he went back on disability (for his legal blindness). Fine, whatever, there's our taxpayer dollars at work. However, he actually did something worthwhile in that he gave the social security administration some info on Em and despite the fact that he signed away his rights to her, she's still eligible for disabled dependent benefits. Who knew? Anyway, I get this call saying hey we have money for you and I'm like suuuuure. But I went ahead and checked it out and low and behold I wasn't being punked. The benefits were retroactive from when he stopped “working” so she had like 7K just waiting to be claimed plus another $450 or so per month until he goes back to work or she turns 18. So basically she'll be getting a check every month until she turns 18. Unfreakinbelievable. Anyhoo, I'm supposed to use the extra money to help cover her monthly expenses and the 7k went to a new (used) car!!! No more pos van that breaks down anytime I drive more than 20 miles out of town. I got a sweet little maxima and paid for it outright so still no car payment, which is what I was hoping for. I still can't believe that it worked out this way but I'm not gonna balk at the extra moolah. At least that man has finally been useful for something. And if its any consolation I'll actually put those tax dollars to good use, so thank you everyone, I appreciate it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WooHoo! New/used car and $450 extra a month?!
Hugs, Aunt Sandy

12:00 PM  
Blogger Navigator of Life said...

Very nice, it does pay to be the good one. Glad tohear that allis well and your job(s) are going okay. I was glad to see you post again.

How was halloween?


3:53 PM  
Blogger Wien. said...

Nice to see you back again and to read that all is well.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Missed you!!

Wow, Bub actually does something decent. Colour me surprised and thrilled that Em finally benefits from her father's actions! Its like a $450 child support cheque that you don't have to cross your fingers about not bouncing every month. A loan-free reliable vehicle is a wonderful bonus too, but, practically no contact with bub is best of all. Sweet!

I was so happy about the election result!!

Jill xo

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's wonderful about the extra $$! No car payment is always good, too. Great news on the jobs, but I hope that you'll be able to go back to school soon.

Nov. 4 was a great and historic day for the U.S.


3:28 PM  
Anonymous nia said...

Are you going to be shutting your blog down?

7:42 AM  
Blogger Wien. said...

I was just thinking about your first handmade Christmas tree and wondering how you and Em were doing.
I hope that you both are happy and enjoying the Christmas season.
Your Blog friend,

3:10 PM  

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