Thursday, May 31, 2012


I just threw a full scale hissy fit! I had to pick up a prescription and a few odds and ends and when I got to the register my dubious checker placed the prescription on the check counter and proceeded to bag the rest. I asked him to please bag the prescription and he did so without acknowledgement or even a glance in my direction. Apparently he was far too busy checking out the ass of the female checker at the register behind him to bother with pleasantries or even eye contact for that matter, but whatever, just get on with it. Anyway, when finished he placed both bags atop the bag carousel and hastily shoved the receipt towards my hand with his back to me as he was straining to see the hottie at register two. Again, whatever, nary a thank you or have a good night, unnecessary as they may be. I then saunter out to the car enjoying the unseasonably cooler weather and lovely breeze. Once home I unpack the few odds and ends and low and behold, no freakin prescription. D'oh! That was the whole point of the trip in the first place! My frustration erupts as I recall Casanova's utter disregard for customer service. I stomp back out to the car in a huff and drive once again to the store just seething. Now we all know good and well that I don't make a fuss...usually. Oh but a fuss was made tonight! Of course Casanova is no longer at the register so I walk up to the customer service desk and briskly announce that the incompetent checker at register one needs to pay more attention to his job than the ladies as he has failed the task miserably. *crickets....chirp, chirp* My prescription please? Oh! Wide eyed doe # one says, it's right here! He tried to chase you down to give it to you. Yes, I'm sure my fat ass was simply too quick for him. I proceeded to speak my mind and they made all the appropriate feeble excuses for his incompetence, but in the end I said my peace and felt mollified by my uncharacteristic outburst. Score!


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