Sunday, January 15, 2006

Good grief, I got nothing today. Bub's out of the house doing some "on the side" work for a friend, (woohoo!!) Em's got friends over playing, and I'm desperately trying to put off starting the laundry and cleaning the house, so here I am, but I can't for the life of me think of anything worthwhile to write about. I need to finish the deeply introspective post that I started right before Christmas, which delves more extensively into why I think I am "the way I am", (oh, you know what I'm talking about, and if you don't, then you'll see) but I'm not in the mood for that one yet, so I'll just say that it's coming soon, to a blog near you! ;D Betcha just can't hardly wait, huh? (rolls eyes) I know, I know, but that's me. I couldn't just leave well enough alone, now could I? But I promise it's not self-deprecating, just frank and to the point. So I think it'll be worth the wait, and as long as you're willing to wade through all the psycho babble, you should find it quite an interesting insight into the makings of me. Yeah, now you're really excited, aren't cha? (smirk) ;D

I had an awesome dream last night that I finally wrote (or finished writing, I should say) the book about my weight loss journey, and Oprah named it her book of the month and had me on her show! Of course, it sold like a bazillion copies, as does any of Oprah's pics, which, in turn, made me fabulously rich enough to ditch the jerk, build my dream house, and finally get all this damn excess skin removed! Ahhhhh, what a dream... Those are the ones you just hate to wake up from, y'know? I think the dream was due in part to watching a re-run of the Larry King Live interview of James Frey (author of A Million Little Pieces) while on the Gazelle last night. I couldn't help but think of how freakin' lucky and appreciative that guy must be feeling after Oprah decided to call in to support him and his book and to back up his claims. 'Cause honestly, had she not done so, I think this little controversy may just have been the end of his literary career, regardless of it's validity. Personally, I think the guy probably took some liberties that he might ought not to have taken, but (to me) that doesn't take away from the underlying message of the book, or the insight and inspiration I gained from his obviously personal and painful story. So, IMO, if people wanna raise a big 'ol stink about this, then let 'em, who cares? Just as long as you don't let that stop you from reading this truly amazing and enormously inspiring book. But that's just my 2 cents... ;D

Alright, alright, laundry calls. I guess I can't keep putting it off forever, sigh... ;D


Blogger Susan said...

Beverly, I am new to your blog and have begun one of my own! I have lost 100 lbs twice in my life and have begun the journey for the 3rd and final time! I have lost 70 and have 50 more to go! As I read your blog I am so sad for you...I know the joy of finding yourself and spreading your wings to fly as the new you. Please find a way to be happy in your life-you have worked too hard to be so unhappy in your relationship with your spouse. I agree with an earlier comment that you should seek individual counseling-decide what you want in life and go for being able to be whole inside and stand up for yourself you begin to bring the balance back into your relationship....if someone has all the power the scale is tipped very out of balance. Level it out and continue to find yourself! I can't wait to read the book-I too loved Tales from the Scale!

8:18 PM  
Blogger Dawnyal said...

Girl that dream can so come true. I too hate waking from those types of dreams. Makes you want to fall right back asleep and hope you can pick up right where it left off.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Luflic said...

Oh your dream is my fantasy! I too am writing a book. Well I started anyway :) Hope it comes true for us both!

5:57 PM  
Blogger Melody said...

Hi. I ran across your blog and wanted to congratulate you on your weight loss...that must have been a great dream about being Oprah's book club choice!

I have a blog too at Hi.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Jilly said...

I've been away for a week and had hoped to come back to the news of how Bub had finally seen the light and instantly turned into a reasonable and pleasant person (you're not the only one with dreams). Oh well, at least I think I see a definite spark in your writings of acceptance of the fact that you deserve more. Its a start and much more heartening than infinite acceptance of your present lot in life. :)

I thought that was a very kind gesture on your behalf in helping the MIL get her tape and a lovely example of your fairly newfound assertiveness!

I'm undecided about Frey in that I think his story is powerful and inspiring enough without having to resort to embellishments and untruths. If I want to read a novel about someone's journey out of hell, I'll seek that out, but if I want a true life, no holds barred, HONEST true life experience, then please give me total honesty, thank you very much.

1:53 PM  
Blogger chryscat said...

Wow! What a terrific dream!
Oprah's got the stroke, doesn't she? To have her back your book is MONUMENTAL!
And yes...dreams CAN come true!

4:27 PM  

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