Thursday, January 12, 2006

Here's a good one!

I got carded trying to buy cold medicine yesterday, heh. I didn't think the chick was serious at first when she asked me to see my id, but I happily turned it over and proceeded to get a big 'ol chuckle out of it. Unbelievable! Of course, I got carded at the casino over the summer as well, so maybe I'm projecting some sort of immaturity that I don't realize 'cause I certainly don't look under 18! It was too funny nevertheless, so I just had to share. And you know what's really ironic? During all my years of underage drinking and smoking, I never once got carded. The real kicker is that I actually gave up both drinking and smoking before I ever came of legal age to do either, so the opportunity to present proof upon being carded was never afforded me! Oh well, if I'm ever feeling old beyond my years I guess I'll just go stock up on cold medicine! ;D Gee, I wonder how long I'll be able to get away with that one?

So, about the cold medicine, yeah, I got the crud that Bub has been such a freakin' baby about for the past two weeks. As I expected, it's really not that big of a deal. Yeah, I'm sick, aaaaand? Sometimes you just gotta suck it up and take care of business, ya know? Shit happens. Anyway, the only thing really throwing me for a loop is the fact that when I get the least little bit sick, I always lose my stupid voice. Which doesn't bode well with the idea of talking on the phone being a major part of how I make a living! Ugh, I honestly don't have time for this. The only way it could possibly have been worse timing would be if I had lost it last week as opposed to this one, which was at least ten times crazier and more hectic. But oh well, like I said, shit happens. My voice will come back, I will get caught up, and I will find a way to sooth the crazy church ladies back into submissio. Besides, it's not totally gone yet, but I figure by tomorrow it'll be nothing more that a mere squeak. At least it's close to the weekend, right? Hopefully all will be well by Monday, but we'll see.

Anyway, I got the chance to help my stepmom out recently, which gave me a warm fuzzy, so I'll share it too. I'm sure I've described her before; absolute crazy woman with an obnoxiously loud voice and presence, and a personality frighteningly similar to Bub's, but let's not go there. But that doesn't mean the poor wench doesn't deserve a break and a little compassion every now and then, right? So, here's the story. Her son is in the military (actually both are, but I'm just talking about her youngest, Bryan) and he got the opportunity to record one of those holiday greetings messages that they were airing on the various stations all throughout the holidays, which would normally be great, how exciting right? Especially considering that she hadn't seen him in over two years. But here's the prob., They're supposed to air the messages on stations according to the family's location, but the station they choose to air his message on was out of my stepmom's viewing area. They got some real geniuses running things over there, huh? And she doesn't know anyone in that viewing area who could tape it, so she never got to see it! She did try to contact the station and basically got the run-around, so she thought she was shit out of luck and just gave up! What? The hell you say! So anyway, she just happened to mention all of this in passing when Em and I were over there for the great gingerbread house extravaganza, and quite frankly, it bothered the hell out of me! It just wasn't right that she had to miss seeing the son she hasn't seen in two freakin' years just because the people in charge apparently don't know their asses from a hole in the ground and would rather put her off than admit to screwing up and making it right! Ya think I was a bit annoyed?? Anyway, I couldn't stop thinking about it after we returned home, so I decided to do something about, by golly!! I was a woman on a mission! ;D So I made my stepmom give me all the info she could like the station name, etc. and then I tracked down a contact number and started in on my spchiel (BTW, how the hell do you spell spchiel, cause spell checker doesn't know either?) about the heartbroken mother hasn't seen her courageous military son in over two years and had to miss his only message home because it got aired in the wrong viewing area, yadda yadda yadda. So then, of course, after a little convincing on my part, I get the old "that'll be a $25 charge for a copy of the tape" BS, which I'm certainly not about to pay for cause it's no skin off their noses just to make a copy of the damn thing. So, in my sweetest (primarily reserved for dealing with crazy church ladies) voice, I ask if there's anything we can do to get around that???? Humph, says the voice on the other end of the line, let me see what I can do and get back to you. Yeah, I'm totally getting the tape for free, no question! So, she calls me back later, all apologetic for the screw up, saying she would personally put the tape in the mail tomorrow and even added some extra footage that was never originally aired... free of charge. YESSSSS! Score one for the woman on a mission with the crazy church lady voice! Anyway, I gave her my stepmom's address so it would go directly to her, then I shoot my stepmom an email saying guess what, the tape will be in the mail tomorrow! Of course, she totally flipped because she really didn't think she'd ever see it and had given up trying. So, all in all, I got to make someone else happy, which, of course makes me happy and I scored some brownie points with a generally difficult and hard to deal with woman, yay me! So that's it, I just wanted to brag a bit cause I like happy endings and it just so happens that I come off good in this one, so why not?! ;D TTFN!


Blogger Dawnyal said...

You go beverly on helping out the step mom. That was sweet of you. I'm not sure why his was thrown into a different area. When I worked at the TV station, we got huge tapes full of greetings from all over Okla. and North Tex. We went through and highlighted all the ones from our area and would edit them and add in the little graphics and stuff around it. We then set up a schedule of when they would run, upload them into the computer and then some PA would call the families and let them know when they could expect to see their loved ones. It seems like we also made tapes for people who missed theirs and if they brought their own tape I don't remember having to charge them.

Yucky on the sickness. Like you said though, men can be such babies over the littlest things. I don't want to burst your bubble on getting carded but it doesn't matter your age anymore, EVERYONE (even the 80 year old gray haired church lady) gets carded. They are supposed to record your info to make sure you aren't hitting all the pharmacies so you can cook you some meth. :)

2:20 PM  
Blogger B said...

Awww, damn!! What'dja have to go and ruin my sweet little delusion for?? Oh well, it was nice while it lasted... ;D


2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about the id, just glad you are making meth!! Good job on helping your smom, who knows maybe one day she will repay your effort. As for men and colds, I give if you can find something to make them be quiet when they're sick i.e. duct tape and superglue you might survive longer...

3:24 PM  
Blogger chryscat said...

You did so well! Brownie points and all. It's always nice to have good deeds. Because I usually tend to some misdeeds sometimes. *grins*
And I'm chuckling about the ID thing. When I was under 21, never asked. And now that I'm over, sometimes it happens. *rolling eyes and grinning*
And spiel... is right there. LOL

9:16 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Those brownie points should be good for at least SOME peace for awhile....good job!

1:24 PM  

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