Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just stuff

Awww, y'all know me so well! I really had you guessing for a bit, didn't I?? But alas, I'm here to stay. You didn't really think you could get rid of me that easily, did'ja??

Hmmm, what to write about today? I've got a horribly annoying headache that just refuses to budge regardless of my trusty 'ol Excedrin Migraine. Ug! While I certainly don't get headaches as severely or as frequently as I used to, a real doozey will still sprout up every now and then and hit me over the head like a ton of bricks, ouch! :(

I picked up a new read at the library yesterday called Ditch That Jerk by Pamela Jayne. How appropriate, huh? It's been extremely enlightening so far (only a few chapters in at this point) and I hope it will help me to gain a little insight into my own situation. But I'll post a more in-depth review once I've finished it. One good thing about Bub being legally blind is that he hardly takes notice of anything I'm doing. I could literally read this book right in front of him and he'd be none the wiser. It's also nice because I can roll my eyes all I want at the stupid shit he's spouting off, and he remains totally clueless! Hehe, hey so what if it's juvenile, I'll take what I can get! But really, I am keeping this book safely tucked away for private reading only, just in case, y'know?

Man, I have been a total nibble monster this week! Munching on this, munching on that, and mostly on crunchy carbs too, like my beloved Go Lean Crunch. Sure, it may be in very small amounts, but that's still so very unlike me, or unlike the new, healthier me I should say. But very much like the old me, which is a completely scary notion. I'm not feeling out of control or anything, just a little too lax, and perhaps in need of a bit more structure when it comes to my overzealous tasting and nibbling. I'm sure it's probably just stress induced anyway, but I will be keeping an eye on it nevertheless.

TBL Family Edition is on tonight, which I hope to enjoy while Gazelling away, just so long as this pesky headache decides to hit the road, but the jury's still out on that one. I'm not gonna kill myself trying to get in my extra Gazelle time, so if my head tells me to give it a rest already, I'll listen... begrudgingly of course, but I will listen. I already skipped my crunches for today, as I just couldn't handle the pressure and thought my eyes might surely pop right outta my head! Damn headache, be gone with ye!

So, is it obvious that I'm trying to avoid any sensitive issues in favor of unimportant blathering? Yeah, I'm still a little weirded out (no offense Aunt Sandy, still just me being me) but I'll get back to normal, I promise. For now I'll just close with this funny and completely appropriate little tidbit sent to me by my wonderful Aunt in an effort to brighten my day, which BTW, worked like a charm thank you very much!

He didn't like the casserole
And he didn't like my cake.
He said my biscuits were too hard...
Not like his mother used to make.

I didn't perk the coffee right
He didn't like the stew,
I didn't mend his socks
The way his mother used to do.

I pondered for an answer
I was looking for a clue.
Then I turned around and smacked him...

Like his Mother used to do.

Heehee, that one's a keeper!! :D


Anonymous Sandi said...

Glad to see you still around!!! :) Don't feel like we expect anything from your journal. You can write about whatever you want.

7:56 AM  
Blogger Dawnyal said...

love the poem. that was great. I agree with sandi that I just come here to see what's up in your world, no matter how trivial or profound.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Jilly said...

Damn those headaches!

Write about whatever your sweet li'l heart desires, be it routine stuff or soul searching ~ you're writing this for YOU and we're all just happy to be along for the ride.

That poem's a classic, alright!

2:30 AM  

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