Thursday, January 19, 2006

My frozen yogurt concoction.

For Jen, my infamous, guiltless, frozen yogurt, so good you'd swear it was ice cream, concoction, ta daaaaa! But first, a small disclaimer... The following information may seem a tad odd, and please don't ask me what ever prompted me to to try this in the first place because that would take a rational explanation of the intricate inner workings of an obviously irrational brain, and that would be, well... irrational!!

First, this is real yogurt, so you'll have to buy some. Personally, I always choose Blue Bunny Lite 85 (check out the nutritional info, not too shabby!) in the Black Cherry flavor, which doesn't seem to be shown in this link, but has always been readily available at my Walmart, but I'm sure any flavor would suffice. I also really like cherry vanilla, YUM, but black cherry is, by far, my all time favorite. Now, you're gonna have to freeze this stuff, but you can't just stick it in the freezer or it'll turn all icy and very un-ice cream like. So what you'll have to do is freeze the yogurt (in it's original container) with something kinda heavy resting on top of it. Here comes the odd part... I use a regular 'ol tub of cake icing (not whipped- too light), yes, that's right, frosting. I know, like I said, don't ask. You may wanna pick a flavor that you're not going to be tempted to get into since I know what a challenge something like this can be. Believe me, I've been through my fair share of icing tubs in the past, it may not be pretty, but it's true! And you know you all have done it too, so don't even try to act incredulous!! Anyway, get yourself a tub of non-tempting icing (as if there were such a thing!) and set it on top of your yogurt container in the freezer for approximately 3-4 hours. I believe that the icing is needed because it helps to slow down the freezing process, to allow for a smoother, more even freeze. Now, you're gonna want to try to catch it before it freezes completely or it will be too difficult to eat with a spoon, but if that happens then just set it in the fridge for a bit to allow for some thawing. I actually freeze extras so I can just thaw one out if I didn't get a chance to make a fresh one that day, but they are better if you catch them before they become solidly frozen. Anyway, the consistency should be like that of any true ice cream, smooth, dense, and creamy, and ohhhhhh so good! I swear, this stuff is to die for, and honestly, I eat it every single day. Except for when I'm hurling my guts up, of course, but you KWIM! Sure, it's no Jamocha Almond Fudge or Cookies and Cream (slurp, drool!) but, by golly, it does wonders for satisfying this (former) fat girl's ice cream cravings! Okay, so off you go, you all have yogurt and icing to buy, and freezing to do. Don't worry 'bout me, I'll wait here till you get back! And if anyone does decide to give it a whirl, as long as you can make it past the temptation to forego the yogurt and dive straight in to the icing, of course, please let me know 1. if it worked, meaning the consistency came out right, because sometimes it doesn't for whatever reason, and 2. what you thought of it, meaning you either loved as much as I do, or you think I must just be out of my damn mind because it's really nothing at all like freakin' ice cream! In which case, all I can say is I'm sorry, and you have my permission to blame eating the icing out of dissatisfying craving frustration after all, solely on me! ;D So, good luck, and happy freezing!!


Anonymous Jilly said...

Well, that answers some of my questions. When I first read about your penchant for freezing yogurt, I just threw a container into the freezer and waited overnight for ice-creamy bliss, only to be greeted with a milky skating rink with a layer of frost on top. Now I know what I was doing wrong! :p Unfortunately I've never seen this Blue Bunny stuff up here, but I'm sure my most favourite Astro cappucino yogurt will make a creamy, frozen treat. As for tubs of frosting ... well, that's something I've never bought (honest), so I shall go to the grocery market, pick up a tub and then carry it around in one hand while picking up items of similar weight and size until I find the perfect yogurt "topper". Believe me, if I bought a tub of frosting, I would eat it. Period. The biggest problem would be timing. Do you check at 3 hrs. and again at 4, or stand by the fridge and check at 5 minute intervals after the initial 3 hours? Sounds very time consuming to me, but I shall try it and if I'm not impressed, I will let you know (after I run out to buy a calorie-reduced frozen orange cream bar to assuage my dissapointment) :D

2:24 PM  
Blogger B said...

Oh Jilly, you slay me babe! In the interest of time, try giving the container a good squeeze at about 3-3.5 hours. It should feel firm but not solid. If you still feel some squish, then give it a little longer. Keep in mind that the bigger the container of yogurt, the longer it'll take to freeze. (mine are 6 oz. each) Either way, you'll get the feel for it as soon as you become as hopelessly addicted to these heavenly delights as I have, which are, BTW, tasting decidedly more normal with each passing day, thank god!

3:47 PM  
Blogger Dawnyal said...

I always forget that I stuck it in the freezer. Something else you can do if you do leave it in there and it becomes one solid mass is to throw it into the blender with about 3-4 TBS. of milk and whip it back to its creamy state. If you want more of a milkshake add more milk and a banana. That's Yummy too. When I do this, I liked the mixed berry one.
I find the great value yogurts to be good too and only 80 calories.

4:29 PM  
Blogger chryscat said...

*writing everything down* I love this blog. *grins*
Going to have to give this a try. I'm addicted to Strawberry Cheesecake yogurt from Yoplait.

7:42 AM  

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