Friday, January 20, 2006

I went on strike this morning. Yes, I know, Mom on strike, how cliche. But a girl can only take so much, y'know? Between Bub getting annoyed at me for trying to wake him up for work, and Em giving me her usual lippy backtalk in the sassiest of tones because she's 8, and I'm so obviously ignorant and all. I realize that her world actually does revolve completely around her, like any 8 year old's, but by god! Show me a little appreciation and respect, will ya? Anyway, I said screw this, and I went back to bed!! Well, not really, but the dramatic effect was fabulous! I could have cared less if we got anybody, anywhere on time, I was done! Okay, to tell the truth, it was freakin' killing me because we all know how I am about scheduling, but I didn't let it show, and that's what really mattered. So anyway, there's Bub, still hauled up under the covers 'cause the poor baby, once again, had such a horrible time sleeping, whaaaa. And Em, climbing on counters to find all the fixins to construct her own goddamn lunch, and me, sittin back and taking it all in with lifting nary a finger of assistance or uttering a word of guidance. Ahhhhh, giving up control. Sucked monkey butt, I hate hate hated it! But... Em got herself and her lunch ready in time for us to make it to school before the bell. Small wonders never cease. The whole way there was, okay mom, can we switch back now? I can't believe you just sat there staring at me while I did everything... like I always do. Hmmm, what was that? A lesson learned? Oh come now, the hell you say! Bub, of course, was a lost cause, but that was to be expected. He is, after all, completely worthless when it comes to anything other than his precious computers. He finally drug his sorry ass outta bed after I got back from taking Em to school, full of moans and bitches about his poor, pathetic sleep habits, and just how hard he has it. Like I said, whaaaaa. And strolled into work a good 45 min. late. Which, of course, completely threw my whole morning schedule off, and like I said, we all know how well that goes over. But I improvised and muddled through as always, so all is well with my world, once again.

Now, tell me, did'ja try the yogurt concoction? Am I a genius, or what??? ;D


Anonymous Stacy said...

I just wanted to say hello. I stumbled across your blog through 3fatchicks and I've sat here reading it all from beginning to end.
My name is Stacy, I'm 36 and live in Kentucky. I am married and have two children that are 12 and 15.
My daughter is all girl, attitude and all so I know all about that.
You are my new hero now....with the weight you lost. I've been overweight basically all my life. I lost 75 lbs between my freshman and sophomore years and then gained it back when I got pregnant with my son and it never went away. I'm probably at my heaviest now at 280. I started a diet 2 weeks ago and I'm watching fat and calories. I don't feel like I have lost a pound or an inch and I have been so good and done so well. I don't have the money to join a gym or curves or anything like that so I've been going for long walks with my son and I have an exercise bike I ride. I've also bought the biggest loser dvd and I exercise with it. I felt like heading to McDonalds about the time I ran across your blog and while I read it I had a yogurt instead.
How did you lose that much weight? I want to lose 120lbs. I know I will never be skinny cause I'm really big boned and real skinny wouldn't look good on me.
Any tips or suggestions you have would be wonderful.
Would you mind being email pals? It's just great having someone who knows what you're going through to talk to.
I also understand the whole "married single mother" thing. I used to say that all the time with my first husband. He never had anything really to do with me or the kids. AFter 11 years the bastard cheated on me. I should've said good riddance but stupid me cried and begged him not to leave and then when I came to my senses I realized it was a good thing. I got remarried in 2003 and Ed is totally different than Bryant was. He helps with the house, the cooking, cleaning, etc.
You can email me if you want to at, like i said I'd love to have someone to talk to who knows what it is like to have a Big Mac call your name.
thanks for sharing your blog.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Jilly said...

Hi Stacy ~ spend lots of time at 3FatChicks, especially the 100lb. club, and you'll find many wonderful people who totally understand what you're going through and a few (along with Bev) who've had tremendous success and can steer you in the right direction. :)

Yes, Bev, I know how it must have driven you nuts to sit back and not be in control of your schedule (and the little one's lunch ;) But, it does appear a lesson was learned (by the intelligent one in the family), so it was a worthwhile exercise. Who knows, at this rate you may become a completely spontaneous woman one day who'll throw caution to the wind and forget all about schedules :)

Now...about the frozen yogurt. Went grocery shopping with G tonight and picked up a container of my favourite yogurt and then wandered down the baking goods aisle looking for frosting. G became quite excited and asked if I was baking a cake, but I explained to him the whole story of how you can make frozen yogurt by placing a tub of frosting on a yogurt container and wait 3-4 hrs. (squeezing the tub regularly to test for proper hardness). Then I explained my inability to resist frosting, requiring the need to find something of like size and weight. He gave me that look he always gives me when he thinks I've lost my mind. After muttering "okaaaaay dear" he offered to find something to suit my needs while I did the rest of the family shopping. Presently he returned with a container of perfect size and weight ... it was a tub of "Good for You" frozen yogurt. I didn't know whether to kick or kiss him, the smartass. It was smooth, creamy, tasting and instant. Still, I am going to try your recipe and have decided to stir frozen blueberries and/or raspberries into vanilla yogurt and freeze it according to your directions. I figure a small margarine container filled with water will be of sufficient weight to allow for perfect freezing. I'll let you know the outcome. :)

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Kery said...

As long as she at least learnt a lesson, I guess this wasn't in vain? :)

2:29 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Hey Beverly:

No, I didn't try to make your yogurt concoction yet--no time!

I don't blame you for going on strike. Makes Em appreciate you more!

9:43 AM  

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