Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh my god, I'm alive! Hey, it was touch and go there for a while, I swear! I woke up at approximately 2:30 Sunday night/Monday morning extremely nauseated, and didn't stop hurling my guts up until some 24 hours later. Man, that sucked! I haven't been sick like that in about 3 years, not since shortly after I started losing weight. Which was awesome back then (after I was feeling better, of course) because I lost like 7 freakin' pounds in just a few days, but now...? Yeah, not so good. I'm at an all time low this morning, but I'm fairly confident that those pounds will find their way back on their own. Especially after, what is it now... five pieces of peanut butter toast already today? Ohhhh, but it tastes so damn good! That, plus a little oatmeal this a. m. and some chicken broth and crackers this p.m. and several mugs of hot, steaming tea, and I think I may just get back to normal yet, but that still remains to be seen. ;D

So, I drug my butt outta bed Monday morning, fully intending to send Bub off to work, but after getting Em up and realizing that I couldn't actually do anything (like make her breaky or wake Bub up) it became painfully obvious that I was gonna require some assistance to get through this day. Especially considering the fact that there was no school due to Martin Luther King day, and there was no way I was gonna be able to tend to Em's needs in my current state. So, Em proceeded to wake Bub up and tell him that mommy was sick, then she stuck her own frozen waffles in, and made herself some breakfast. Thank goodness she's entered an age of self-reliance! Then out comes Bub saying go back to bed, I got this. Okay, no need to twist my arm! So, off to bed I went, for the rest of the day, only to be interrupted by several bouts of horrendous dry-heaving. TMI?? Yeah well, it's my blog, so too damn bad! ;D Sorry, can you tell I'm feeling a bit better now? Tee hee! Anyway, I was finally able to haul my sorry ass outta bed at about 6:30 p.m. only to discover that Em had been puking all afternoon as well! What!!! Why didn't you tell me? (as if I could have done anything about it, but it's the principle of the thing, I'm still the momma by golly!) So yeah, she's got it too, my poor baby! Anyway, Bub gets her all settled into bed for the night at about 8:30, which is exactly where I headed back to shortly thereafter, only to hear the pathetic bemoanings of my poor, miserable girl just a few short hours later. Daddy, Daaaaady! Where is daddy, preytel? Hauled up in another room with a movie blaring, where he couldn't possibly have heard his sick little girl calling even though I was so obviously still too sick to be handling any of this, but hey, what else is new? So I stumble in there to lend a little moral support while she's yacking her guts up once again, only to repeat the same scenario again at about 1:30 a.m.

I will give the man some credit though, he did at least manage to wash (and dry) a load of laundry. Which is saying quite a bit considering the usual extent of his contributions to the daily household chores. Of course that's not to mention the fact that I awoke this morning to a sink piled full of dirty dishes, the cat neither having been fed, nor her litter box been scooped, and the trash can so full that it had started to invade the surrounding areas, but once again, what else is new? Hey, at least there was one less load of laundry to do, right? And what does the all knowing, all powerful, uber hubby/daddy do this morning after his day of exhausting greatness? Well, he proceeds to sleep his sorry ass in till almost noon because he had "such a hard time sleeping last night." Are you freakin' kidding me?! Uber daddy duties ended promptly at 8:30 when you put Em to bed, so why exactly did you have such a horrible night? Certainly not because you had to get up with our sick daughter during all hours of the night, no that was handled by moi, as usual, even in my less than optimal state. No, what you did was nap too long yesterday while Em was napping and then couldn't sleep last night because of it. So when your wife being sick gave you the perfect opportunity to milk it for all it was worth, well of course you were gonna take it, even if it meant losing even more pay this week. But hey, sleep-paycheck, sleep-paycheck, hmmm, yeah I know, what's a lazy boy like you to do? Yet again, what else is freakin' new? But at least he did go into work some today, just long enough to put him in an appropriately foul mood so that he could, without guilty conscience, ream me all the way home for what I perceived to be the slightest of infractions (my suggesting a dinner option in front of Em without first consulting him, even though the suggestion was based on what I thought both of our still uneasy tummies could handle). Woo hoo! Now, if that ain't the way to round out a perfect day, then I don't know what is! Hmmm, sound cynical much? Yeah well, it's either illness induced loss of patience or the fallout of a disturbingly crappy marriage, you pick. But either way, everything is looking as though it should be back on track for tomorrow, so I'm off to perform all thy regular mommy like duties, and then? Well, I'm heading back to freakin' bed, that's what!


Blogger Jen said...

Yesterday must have been our day! At least my spouse helps without bitching..sorry yours has to be an ass!

Hope you are better today!

7:39 AM  
Blogger Dawnyal said...

Yuck. So sorry to hear this hit your household. Next time he gets sick, it may be time for you and Em to take a little trip and make him fend for himself. That's just the evil me talking ya know :)
I hope you are feeling better.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Jilly said...

Really hoping you and the little one are feeling better today ~ what a miserable couple of days you both went through. I won't wish the same upon Bub, as it would only be an excuse to take a week off work and have you running off your feet tending to him (unless you took Dawnyal's excellent advice) ;)

9:13 AM  

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