Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The memorial will be held Wednesday… still so hard to comprehend.

Em came down with a stomach virus and got sick in school yesterday. The school tried to call my landline and got voice mail, of course, since my work is done on the phone. And apparently they tried calling my cell, but couldn’t reach me because the damn thing has taken to just shutting itself off without warning, regardless of charge level. Nice. So they called Bub at work, to no avail, and finally got him at home since he overslept (again) and hadn’t made it in to work yet (this was at 11:30). He told them he’d be there to get her ASAP (with a ride from his room mate) and apparently didn’t think it necessary to try to reach me himself. He said that if they couldn’t reach me then he figured he wouldn’t be able to either. Wha?! Um, helloooo, you could at least try! I know, I know, logical/rational, taking care of the issue at hand, blah blah blah. Whatever. Just call next time, k? Anyway, this all happened over the span of about 3 minutes, so I was able to reach both him and the school to let them know that I was on the way to get my poor sick girl, who spent the rest of the afternoon pitifully and miserably puking her guts up. Later on, the idiot says, wonder why they tried calling me (him) at work first, instead of my cell or home number? Um, because it was the middle of the day and most responsible adults would be at WORK at that time. DUH. Anyway, Em’s feeling better today, but stayed home anyway just to recuperate. So she’s been happily vegging out in front of the boob tube, eating hot chicken noodle soup and enjoying a little extra TLC. Now I’m just waiting to see if my turn is coming next, yippee.

Now, for another “Bub-astrophe” back to bite us (meaning me) right in the ass. Ug.

Long story short, a friend of the family took over payments on a SUV we were financing when Bub’s first failed computer business went under and we could no longer afford to pay for it, or anything else for that matter. We couldn’t transfer it into his name because of his own crappy credit, so we just made a deal that he would be responsible for the payments even though it was still in our name. It was the best choice at the time and it kept us from having a repossession added to our already badly damaged credit. Plus he gave us his already paid off car in trade so I was able to have transportation until said car died the next year. Well, this friend has hit some hard times of his own and can no longer afford the SUV. So we either have to take it back, along with the hefty monthly payments, and the past few months worth of missed payments, or it gets repossessed anyway and all my recent credit repair efforts will be for naught. Y'know, I want to be able to buy my own home one day, preferably before Em is grown and on her own. I want to be able to buy another car someday when my very used van decides to bite the dust. I want to be out from under this oppressive cloud of debt constantly looming overhead, reminding me of the stupidity I went along with just for the sake of peace and “harmony”. *On a side note here; y'know what really gets to me? I love how he always made sure to point out how I had a choice in every decision “we” (he) made together, how he asked my opinion on EVERYTHING, over and over and over again. Yet he will never understand how my opinions and choices with him were never based in free will, rather made out of necessity due to the fear of repercussion, whether real or perceived. Anyway, I digress. The point is, I’M fucked. Because I’m the only one with the resources or passable enough credit to get us out of this little predicament right now. So here’s the deal, I paid off the damn back payments with my credit card (he only has one with a $300 limit, which stays maxed out) and we’re getting the thing detailed and put up for sale IMMEDIATELY. It’s a nice SUV with lots extras, and is currently worth slightly more than is owed, so I’m hopeful that we can sell the thing quick, fast, and in a hurry, before then next monthly payment comes due around the middle of October. If not? Well, lets not think about that, shall we? The plan is to hopefully sell it for enough to pay it, and my newly maxed out credit card completely off. If all goes well, then we’ll at least have one less headache to contend with, along with a bit of a boost to our credit scores for having paid off this outstanding debt in full. Of course, the fact that this guy let the car payments get so far behind (never bothering to pick up the phone and let us know there was a problem, mind you) will mean a big glaring red flag of bad payment history and imminent repossession on each of our credit reports. Ug. But still better than it could have been I suppose. So wish me luck, I’m gonna need it!


Anonymous Paulina said...

Sorry to hear about the upset tummy girl. It seems like as soon as school gets in session again, those germs just have a hayday! Wash your hands constantly, that's the ticket, at least that's what I learned after teaching for 20+ years. My hands look like heck, but I'm healthy most of the time, knock on countertop!
Regarding your friend of the family, if he were a real friend he should offer to make payments to you for the back payments he missed, up to the date you took it back. Everyone falls on hard times now and then, but to let it all fall on your shoulders, ie credit card wasn't a 'friendly' thing to do.
Good luck, I hope it sells. Tuck a fabric softener sheet under the seats so it smells good! Works like a dream in our truck!

9:24 PM  
Anonymous jilly said...

Cyber kiss and hug for Em!

Yes, the "friend" could have let you know earlier and hopefully may help you out when he gets through his own tough times (after all, he DID have use of the vehicle while missing payments). Best wishes for a quick sale (thank goodness the value hasn't depreciated below the amount owing on the loan).

As for all the other financial stuff, it may be difficult to believe now (I didn't believe it either) but you will crawl out of that debt, and so much easier than if you'd stayed with the one who'd only sink you deeper with every opportunity. You'll have that little house of your own and it'll feel like a mansion because its yours!

P.S. - that fabric softener trick is a great idea!

1:03 AM  
Blogger Sandi said...

Poor Em - I hope that she is fully recovered and that you don't come down with it at all!!

Sorry about the whole SUV thing. Maybe you can take it by CarMax? (Do they have those by you?) They will buy your car even if you don't buy one from them?? Just make an appointment and they will give you a price in about 20 mins. Might ne less trouble than the whole CC thing and selling it yourself!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Luflic said...

Glad Em is feeling better. Sure hope you don't get it.

You have come so far. Hopefully this will sell immediately.

These things happening can only reinforce in your mind how right you were to strike out on your own.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I like the CarMax idea, though I had never heard of the company before Sandi mentioned it. I'm too chicken to sell a car myself!

1:22 PM  

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