Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh, I almost forgot! I’m applying to become a foster mother. I’ve decided that I need to wait on going back to school right now but I figure there’s no reason why I can’t still help kids in need. I already have hands on experience dealing with Em’s delicate and sometimes explosive emotional issues, so that coupled with the training needed to get certified bolsters my confidence in my ability to do this. Em’s all for it, she thinks it would be awesome to have someone else to play with, and I like it because it doesn’t require me re-opening my baby making factory for bidness. Not that I have (or want) any prospective clients, but you get my drift. I’m only going to take one child at a time, and only school aged girls. I think I specified ages 5-13. Anyway, there’s an initial, informational meeting for all people interested in fostering on July, 21, and then we’ll see where it goes from there. I have to go through about 30 hours of training including CPR certification, and there will be in home inspections and interviews for both me and Em. I have an extra bedroom and will need to get a bed, but other than that I think I’m pretty well set. Of course I’ll have to kick the kitties out of that room, but I’m sure they’ll adapt.

Speaking of kitties, Em keeps bringing home stray kittens. I told her that she’s turning me into the crazy cat lady. And here I thought I’d have a few more years at least! ;) Anyway, I’m letting her keep one because I’m a big ol’ softie, but the other two gotta go! Yes that’s right; I currently have 5 cats in my house! That does qualify me as the crazy cat lady now doesn’t it? Oy vey.

I’m also searching for a new job in earnest. While the one I have pays well and allows me the freedom of working from home, it’s simply too unstable and unreliable. When we have active projects its great (or worth doing at least), but the projects are becoming increasingly sporadic, and if I don’t have work then I don’t get paid. I’ve got my eye on a city job working for our local utility/cable/internet company as a customer service/tech support specialist. I’m certainly more than qualified for the position on paper so I’m just hoping the compensation will be adequate. At least they’ll have benefits and I know this company isn’t going anywhere despite our spiraling economy. Though according to Bush we’ve seen economic growth this year. Perhaps he’s smoking crack, which I imagine is cheaper than huffing gas at this point anyway. I digress…

Bub still hasn’t signed his life away, a moment I am anxiously awaiting. My fear is that someone will talk him out of it so I’m just laying low and waiting. I’ve probed his parents and they don’t have a clue as to what he’s doing, so I’m not about to mention it. I haven’t told Em either, though I know I’ll have to at some point. I’m just not sure how to do so without completely destroying her. I’ll cross that bridge when/if the time is right and hopefully I’ll have the tools to help her through it. I’m over my anger at him for this latest stupidity, though I know I’ll never understand. And that’s ok, it’s not necessary or meant for me to understand. Props to Dave for that profound bit of wisdom and perspective, love ya babe! So I am at peace with it now, excited even at the possibilities this higher level of freedom affords. Just knowing that I will never have to answer to that man again is almost overwhelming. But I think I’ll manage. ;-)

Ok, 10 days and counting til we leave for the wild, wild west. Woohoo!


Blogger Navigator of Life said...

I just need to say that I love reading your posts. You have a wonderful way of writing.

Up here in Massachusetts I'm told that crack is cheaper than cigarettes but I wouldn't know because I don't do either.

I don't know why you would ever have to tell Em that Bub signed those papers. He will always be her father no matter what he signs. The only thing that it changes is that he no longer has any control over what you do, and he has no responsibility to pay for anything. I do see that it's going to change much about how she goes about her day, so why tell her? There my some need in the future that I'm just not thinking of right now but I would wait until it was absolutely necessary.
Just my opinion, for what ever that is worth.

Good luck with the foster child endeavor. I know several people who have done that or are doing it now. They have lots of stories. Some really good stories and some horror stories. Don't get discouraged if the first one doesn't work out. Keep trying to find the right fit. There are so many kids out there that need people like you.
I am suffering through the teenage years with my two youngest children and I can't imagine having anymore in my house (I don't particularly like my own most days. I know that this will get better in time as I have already done this with one child and she turned out great.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fostering is a wonderful way to fulfil your dream of helping kids and what a great experience for Em, too. Beneficial to everyone involved. Good for you!

Five cats. hmmm, better I keep my fingers still on that one :p

I see bub's dragging his heels, as usual. In reading Lynn's comments (hi Lynn!) I'm wondering how far he plans on withdrawing his parental rights. I took it to mean possibly no visition and pretty much being absent from her life for the foreseeable future. If that's the case, then it will be a big change for her to accept. Come to think of it, if he does sign the papers, will you even have to negotiate any sort of visitation rights in the divorce papers at all? I don't know how it works down there...

Good luck with the job search!


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